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2 states: Lessons learnt



2 states. A story of emotions. A story of love. A story of family, cultures and traditions.

A Punjabi boy and a madras girl dare to fall in love. That starts a roller coaster of events with the two families being hostile to their cute-romantic relationship. But the movie unfolds with a series of events which make you smile, laugh, make you go ‘aww’ and also manage to make you shed a tear or two. The obnoxious task of convincing your parents to marry the love of your life also makes you want to think about the person you’ve fallen for.

But the movie teaches you a lot of things. About love, marriage and family. Here’s what I learnt.

1)      Love isn’t rocket science: love’s always seemed complicated. What is love? Different people have attached different connotations to it. But at the end of it, your definition of love doesn’t matter. What matters is your persistence and the courage to carry forward that love. Faced by the audacities of the situation, the characters played by Arjun Kapoor (as Krish) and Alia Bhatt (as Ananya), could have easily given up. It seemed like the obvious and easiest choice. But they fought together. They cried, laughed and smiled together. That’s what matters in the end. The art of staying together despite obstacles.

2)      Adjustments: we live in times when we don’t like to compromise. Everything needs to be tailor made and as per us. But then that’s really not how things would ever work. If Ananya and Krish would have got their egos while dealing with their respective in-laws, they would have had to return home sans their love. To get something, you have to let go of something. Not trying to be preachy here, but life works on the fundamental of adjustment and compromise. Our favourite friend, ego, could just end up ruining every relationship.

3)      Parents: our parents are afraid of losing us. They are scared that we might forget them in this fast paced life of ours. They have insecurities about us going so far that we’d disappear in a blink of an eye. That’s why they stop us a lot of times. In the end of the movie, the protagonist states as to how our parents fear that we’ve grown too mature that we won’t need them in our lives. Reassure your parents, that in the end, everybody comes back home and home, for most of us, is them.

4)      Marriage:  it’s not about which culture you come from. It’s simply about what kind of a person you want to spend the rest of your life with. It’s tough to commit but tougher to complete that commitment. So think.

Also, when you marry somebody, you just don’t marry that person. You marry your partners parents, their siblings and their relatives. So learn to accept and be accepted.

You can certainly have a life close to the movies like 2 states (not that dramatic though. Don’t indulge in the idea of a Arjun Kapoor look-alike to sing locha-e-ulfat for you). All you need to do is find the Alia Bhatt/Arjun Kapoor of your life.



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