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SaReGaMa For The Exam Time


Studying for a long time gives me a lunatic attack. I start doing random loony acts. Accounting and taxing my brain since morning, I started relating songs to the things that happen to all of us during exams. Here’s what I came up with:

1. Oops! I did it again

This is the time when you give up all hopes as you did last semester. You are not anxious or stressed out anymore, but chilled out and laughing at all the syllabus left.




2. Tik Tok on the clock

At this stage you are thinking of the perfectly calculated hours left to reach the examination hall and the strategy to study whatever you can during the estimated time. In reality, all you do is calculate the hours left, thus using up the hours left! Irony of life!



3. Main yahan tu wahan

Everybody goes through this stage where the mind starts thinking of random issues. Why is the world round? Why is the sky blue? Why is the government not working as per aspirations? Why you no let me concentrate, brain?!


4. Bas ek pal

At this point of time, you start crying over why there isn’t just one more day (as if it’ll make any difference in the quantum of syllabus covered). It’s simply done to calm your nerves.



5. Mujhe neend na aaye

No sleeping tonight! It’s all about you, the books, and the night (not so romantic, I know). The study you do the night before exam is the most sincere effort to put in the entire syllabus into the head.


6. Ek tu hi bharosa, Ek tu hi sahara

You become the most religious person during exam time. Detailed negotiations with God Almighty start. The cigarettes you’ll give up, the parties you’ll stop attending, the girls you’ll stop chasing for a set standard of marks God needs to provide you.



7. Bewafa, bewafa, bewafa nikli hai tu

This happens when you don’t have the effing idea of what to write aaannnddd… *wait for it* you hear “Ma’am extra sheet” from somewhere in the hall. The heart break you have when it is your own dear friend who does this to you. Oh! The pain! I know the feeling bro.


8. Dil ke armaan aansuon mei beh gaye

Oh! That dreaded moment when the questions are not from the past five years’ question papers you crammed the night before! Why, why did the paper setters come up with a whole new set of questions???


9. Jaa mujhe na, ab yaad aa

The time when you are confused if you have time to study more, or you have time because you studied more?! Is this making any sense? Dammit! Whatever!

exms 2


10. Aall izz well

Actually, it’s time to study whatever you can in the given time. But no! You are here reading a random article on exam stress! Brilliant!


All the Best for the exams! Suit Up!



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