The protests in Iran are showing no sign of dying down, instead the more the authorities try to suppress them, the more they are rising with more intensity and determination. Now, it seems that students are alleging the authorities for trying to thwart planned protests by giving food poisoning to students.

Till yet, it has not been confirmed by official channels, whether this was actually done to students on purpose, however, many are finding it suspicious that so many students from various universities got so sick all at the same time right before they were going to start a protest against the regime.

Iranian University Students Fell Sick

Apparently, several students from various universities across Iran were planning to carry out a three-day strike in protest of the Iran government’s decision to not abolish the morality police, a group of religious enforcers that were said to be the cause of the death of 22-year-old student Mahsa Amini.

The group was heavily condemned and protested against since September when Amini passed away due to alleged violations that the morality police claimed she had made.

There were reports that perhaps the morality police had been abolished, however, they were clarified to be not true by the Iranian government which stated in a report by Al-Alam on Sunday night that “No official in the Islamic Republic of Iran has confirmed the closure of the morality police. Some foreign media have tried to characterise the attorney general’s statement as the Islamic Republic’s withdrawal from its hijab [laws] and influenced by the recent riots.”

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Earlier just the abolishing of the morality police was seen as a target for the protesters, however, over time and with more and more information coming out, it has evolved into a much bigger fight that intends to take down the entire regime itself and give more control to the people of Iran over how they want to live.

Now, this week university students from Iran had been planning to go on a three-day strike as a form of protest against the regime, which is when news broke out of how around 1,200 of them had suffered from food poisoning just a day before the protests were to take place.

Arak Industrial University and Kharazmi University in Karaj along with Al-Zahra University in Tehran and Isfahan University of Technology among other institutions all had “a large number of students” reportedly come down with symptoms of food poisoning like diarrhea, body aches, and vomiting. The information was spread through a Telegram channel of the national student union said past Thursday.

Iran’s national student union in a statement said “Our past experiences of similar incidents at the Isfahan university negates the authorities’ reason for this mass food poisoning,” fully claiming that the Iran authorities were to be behind this bizarre occurrence. The authorities on the other hand are saying that it was accidental food poisoning because of water-borne bacteria that broke out in the country.

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