January 6: Isn’t it fascinating to read about all the people who exhibit various degrees of fervor, persistence, and passion in their chosen fields or interests?

There are many such bright people in the world, but only a select handful of them succeed thanks to their versatility in their chosen fields and their passion for accelerating those fields’ development and success.

Gaurav Tingre, a passionate automotive fanatic from Pune, Maharashtra, has effortlessly earned his place among these few precious gems of the globe. This young professional has a variety of skills, and in addition to captivating people with the lifestyle he has built for himself by owning a fleet of supercars, he also exemplifies his proficiency in business.

Gaurav is a partner at Raojee Constructions and Ceramic Pro Pune. And he is the founder member of the Pune Supercar Club and also an active member of the Supercar Community of India. His Education in Hospitality Management also helps him in business. He loves to collect rare sneakers.

Gaurav’s work as a social media influencer and content creator has allowed him to amass a staggering amount of admirers and followers on Instagram. He is the proud owner of numerous sports and high-end vehicles, including Porsche and Lamborghini models. He works tirelessly as an influencer to make a difference with his social media material in order to touch more people and improve them.

Follow him on Instagram – @gauravtingre.



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