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12 tips for Beauty and Grooming


The task of always looking well groomed and presentable can at times, seem difficult and confusing. Also, we often tend to neglect simple little things in our quest for beauty. But do not fret,  the twelve tips below will guide you on your journey to near perfect, achievable beauty.

  1. Keep the length of your nails moderate.

In case you didn’t already know, extremely long nails are anything but classy. Keep your nails well groomed and moderately long. Remember that your nails should look like nails, and not talons. Also, please refrain from excessive, gaudy nail art. If you absolutely must have a party going on all ten, nail paints and French manicures are a great option.


2.Be aware of yourself.

The key to always looking great is knowing what works best for you. Know your face shape, body shape, hair type and skin type, then dress and groom accordingly.


3.Be impeccably clean.

Need I elaborate upon this? I think we have all learnt enough about cleanliness and hygiene in kindergarten.


4.Master the “no makeup” makeup look.

Not everyone is a natural beauty, but hey that’s what make up is for, right? But obviously you can’t wear heavy make up to class and the grocery store. Here is where the no makeup look comes to your rescue. Subtle and underplayed, it remains inconspicuous and enhances your natural beauty.


5.Use perfume, but sparingly.

Smell good always, but please do not empty your perfume bottles in one go. Guys, please take note. It is not cool to walk into a room and make everyone dizzy with the overwhelming scent of your perfume.


6.Sport shoes were made for the gym.

If you crave comfort at all times, use ballet flats. Please save your sport shoes for exercising, which is what they were made for.


7.Always carry lip balm.

Chapped lips are a strict no no. Always, always carry a lip balm/ chap stick with you. Yes, even in summers.


8.Never groom in public.

Applying makeup, combing your hair and adjusting your dress- these are the various reasons a ladies room was invented. Use it.


9.Maintain a good posture.

A good posture can instantly take kilos off you. It can make you look smarter and more confident. Practice, practice and practice until it comes naturally to you.


10.Remove your make up before going to bed.

Yes, I know long days of working and partying can be exhausting and you have no energy for the whole makeup removal ritual. Also, your smudged eye makeup will look really cute in the morning. Reasons enough for sleeping with your makeup on? Not quite, just think of the havoc it is wrecking on your skin. So please do your skin a favour and remove the makeup before going to bed.


11.Drink water, lots of it.

The doctor said it, mom said it and the fashion magazines said it too. Water cleanses your system internally. So drink up!


12.Play up your assets.

Instead of chasing after impossible beauty ideals, embrace what you have. For example, if you are naturally dark skinned, ditch the fairness creams and know that dark can be mysterious and exotic. Confidence is the key to looking beautiful, and often others see you as you see yourself.



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