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White Collar- Crimes that are always compelling.


It is only few out there as cool as Neal Caffery, though being bad. Yes… White Collar it is. Crimes that are always compelling.


An elite portrayal of how an art and history savvy protagonist can keep the screen all time intrigued.

Neal Caffery- the Criminal informant to the F.B.I who’s astute spontaneity always leads to narrow escapes and wholesome win situations. Mozzie- The crazy sidekick whose head is filled up with any subject you ask him. It’s only few times when the side kick is brainier than the protagonist.  Now this duo is pretty unique. They can be called the intuitive thieves.

Peter Burke- Neal’s handler and ASAC white collar division is always spying yet emotionally close to Neal. Now this duo can be contrasted in terms of character (also the kind of cases they solve) with the world famous consulting detective duo- Sherlock Holmes and John Watson. Yet Sherlock and John are way surreal compared to anyone else.

Now five seasons and six lead characters is all it took to create this mesmerizing cat and mouse chase that is intra white collar division and inter white collar crimes. First of its kind genre TV-series dealing with not just white collar crimes but the very thought process of a brilliant lad turning into one of this exclusive class of criminal who can’t be tagged “A criminal” but someone who breaks the law and finds loop holes generic security.


It’s the season finale time and this is the area where the White Collar crew specializes in leaving all its audience startled with its unimaginable twists in the storyline.

A very much lesser known fact i.e. the whole concept behind the making of white collar is the life of Frank Abagnale who was an insanely talented white collar criminal back in the 1970’s. He also turned into a Criminal informant to the F.B.I after his conviction.

“Catch me if you can” is a feature film made on his life story in 2003 Starring Leonardo Dicaprio and Tom Hanks.




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