It is always wonderful to see the achievements of the younger generation, especially if they are from your own home country. Even if it wasn’t you, yourself who earned the title, just the fact that the person earning shares your region or ethnicity makes it a moment of pride.

Something similar happened when Indian-American schoolgirl Natasha Peri was declared as one of the world’s “brightest” students by the Johns Hopkins Center For Talented Youth (CTY).

CTY is a part of Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, Maryland considered to be one of the finest institutes in the US.

The CTY is an organisation that works towards identifying and developing young students and their talents who have not yet joined a college university.

Peri participated in a Johns Hopkins talent search test that took place in the Spring of 2021 when she was just in Grade 5.

Indian-American Natasha Peri

What Did Natasha Peri Achieve?

Johns Hopkins Talent Search test had 19,000 students participating across 84 countries. In this test, the students were tested on an above-grade-level which helps to identify students who are much ahead of their current standard and also get a better understanding of their academic abilities.

According to reports, the “CTY uses above-grade-level testing to identify advanced students from around the world and provide a clear picture of their true academic abilities.”

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While Natasha Peri was just in Grade 5 when she took the test, her results from the verbal and quantitative sections showed that she was almost on the 90th percentile level of an advanced Grade 8 student.

A statement from Johns Hopkins CTY said that “Natasha Peri, a student at Thelma L. Sandmeier Elementary School, was honoured for exceptional performance on the SAT, ACT, or similar assessment taken as part of the CTY Talent Search.”

Virginia Roach, CTY’s executive director also said that “We are thrilled to celebrate these students,” and added how “In a year that was anything but ordinary, their love of learning shined through, and we are excited to help cultivate their growth as scholars and citizens throughout high school, college, and beyond.”

Peri on her end commented that the results of the test just “This motivates me to do more.”  She also added that some of the habits that helped her study better was doodling and read books such as J.R.R Tolkien’s novels and more.

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Sources: The Indian Express, NDTV, The Economic Times

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