FIR, also known as the First Information Report, is documentation of a crime that you may have witnessed or are a victim of.

The Who-What-When-Where

A sample copy of an FIR

An FIR can be lodged by the victim, a witness to the incident, or any person with knowledge of the incident. It is the document that starts criminal proceedings to punish the guilty. In case of theft or damage to property, an FIR is needed to claim insurance or protect yourself from any untoward incidents arising from the misuse of your property.

The police can only file FIRs for offences where they can arrest without a warrant, namely, theft, assault, public nuisance, rape, murder etc. 

In an ideal scenario, the FIR should be registered in the police station within whose geographical limits the crime took place. However, in the case of emergencies, you can file an FIR at any police station whatsoever, which will be transferred to the correct station. One does not even have to be present at the station to file an FIR, and it can be done over a number and an e-mail.

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The How

If you can travel to the police station, make sure you follow these steps

  • Describe all the details to the police, whatever you know.
  • You can either verbally tell the police officer about the incident, for instance, what happened? How do you know? Or, write down the details by yourself.
  • If you tell the police verbally, then the duty officer must write it down and then make an entry in the General Diary or Daily Diary.
  • If you submit a written complaint, then you must carry two copies. One for the duty officer and the other one will be returned to you.
  • The police will go through all the details once you submit the information.
  • After that, the information recorded by the police is read over to you.
  • You need to sign the FIR once the information has been recorded by the police.
  • Sign the report only after verifying that the information recorded by the police is as per the details given by you.
  • A free copy of the FIR will be given to you with an FIR number, the date of FIR and the name of the police station.

Last but not least, make sure that both the copies are stamped, which contains the DD Number or Daily Diary Number. It is proof that the complaint has been received by them, and if you lose your copy, another can be issued for free/small charge, depending on the branch. 

Additional Details

It is pertinent that you know that you cannot change the details of the FIR. However, you can add the necessary details forthwith. 

Just go in and tell your story…

You can also file an FIR online in some cities and the criteria for that remains cognizable offences which include rape, kidnapping, murder, death related to dowry among other ones.

Help the police keep your city safe, for they are the law enforcers, and one can always be a good citizen of the country.

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