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The 10 ways to Romance…


Here’s a list, you dare to watch and I bet you’ll spill salty tears on the pillow, you end up hugging as the movie proceeds.
The best and the most romantic movies of all time that make you reminisce all that sweet moments you spent with your partner.

The Notebook: –We all remember The Notebook. The incredible painful love story which has a restrained pain that always seems a pleasure when it comes to love. Perfectly scripted, well narrated a love story.


Eternal sunshine of the spotless mind: – This is a first of a kind and only science fiction love story of all time starring the versatile Jim Carrey. The very essence of erasing the regrettable moments being in love to which eventually even destiny fails to uphold.


Pride and Prejudice: – One cannot not want to watch Pride and Prejudice. The title justifies the whole beautiful plot of the protagonists, and all that they go through when managing to engage both the ends i.e. pride and prejudice.


Definitely Maybe: – Now it’s wonderful to narrate your LOVE STORY to your children but think about how will it be to narrate all your LOVE STORIES to your kids.


P.S. I LOVE YOU: – A beautiful book. Highly appreciated love story. An enriched way to realize that Love does have a second chance.


The Perks of Being a wallflower: – A confused teenager’s feeling can’t be portrayed in a better manner. Young love and attraction are all clearly defined amidst the emerging confusions.

perks of being a wallflower movie poster

17 again: – The growing up maturity is something that we tend to not notice. Well it is the right film to watch to be nostalgic and rejuvenate your high school memories.


The Before Trilogy: – i.e. Before Sunrise, Before Sunset and Before midnight. Each movie made so that the next can be made exactly a decade later. A delightful narration of how each phase of life seems growing up. Best part, not just in reality but in the trilogy as well the cast and crew grow up and story continues in same time gaps. Must watch.

Before sunsetbefore_midnight_ver2_xlrgbefore_sunrise














The Great Gatsby: – So much an intimate love story that ensures to make you mourn for the character’s loss. Caution: it’s going to take some time for you to come back to reality after the movie. You’ll know the impact when you finish watching the movie.


About Time : – The next level love story. The realization of the fact that a wholesome life filled with love and affection does’nt need any ammends.




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