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Satyamev Jayate- the Real Reality Show of our times


By Riya Singla

The 47 year old Khan created a ‘DHOOM’ in 2013 and yes, he is back with a bang in 2014 with one of the most popular and successful reality shows in India. The season ll begins on March 2, 2014. According to the new format, the show will be aired during three different parts of the year i.e. in March, mid of the year and in end of the year, so that the people can retain social issues talked about.


Insightful, moving, revolutionising and heart touching are a few words for the show. The show brought the national motto of ‘Satyamev Jayate’ to the lounge room of each and every household in India. All the existent issues being targeted in a single show seems to be a hard task, but it has been done stupendously well.  All the major sensitive social issues in India like dowry, caste system, untouchability, honour killing, drug abuse, medical malpractices etc. were put into the same frame. A committed research of around two years has put up a humongous hit. The diligence, the presentation, and the execution everything was just simply one of its kind.

The success of the show is quite evident. 2254 tweets on a social networking site, the official site getting crashed and garnering 1.2 billion impressions on web, even before the show ended its premier telecast. Who could have done that better than ‘Mr.Perfectionist’ himself? Rather than launching the show with a grand party or a big star studded night, there was a special screening in some villages of Gujrat, MP and Uttar Pradesh. Isn’t that simply marvellous?

Watching the show was really a mix of emotions. We cried, we smiled, we understood, we sympathized and it was definitely an ‘eye opener’. Aamir, himself, was often left speechless on many occasions in the show. When it comes to Aamir Khan there has to be something unique about everything he does. Rather than putting the show on prime time, it captured the Sunday mornings of the entire family, as it was for ‘Mahabharat’ and ‘Ramayana’. The music composed by Ram Sampath, written by Prasoon Joshi was a perfect combination of melody and emotions and yet stirring at times .All the songs were equally tear jerking. He has also been felicitated by Inaugural America Abroad Media Award along with Oscar-winning director Kathryn Bigelow and the International Centre on Non-violent Conflict (ICNC) for the show. What else can you demand for a first launch!!!

The first episode of the fresh season comes up with the latest agenda of last year i.e. women’s security. Well, with all the efforts going into the planning and strategy to enhance audience involvement, I surely hope this season too would be a massive hit because ‘Jab dil pe lagegi tabhi to baat banegi.’

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