Ever since 2021 hit us, we went numb to the stimuli that surround us. The pandemic has been the biggest part of our lives but here are some more things around us that make it the Sith and the Jedi sides of Life.

Starting With The Bad

I personally like my veggies before my dessert, so here are 10 things going wrong around us now:

1. The Israel-Palestine conflict has escalated to straight-up warfare. Israel bombed the home of Hamas’s chief in Gaza early on Sunday and the Islamist group fired rockets at Tel Aviv as the hostilities have been escalating for a week now.

2. The second wave of COVID-19 has come with a severe shortage of vaccines. A COVID-19 variant called B.1.617 was discovered in India, which shattered the hopes of people returning to normal life in 2021.

3. Post-poll violence in Bengal has seen BJP claim that they lost 21 of their party workers on the 13th of May at Nalhati in Birbhum district. West Bengal BJP president Dilip Ghosh claimed that over 15,000 incidents of violence have taken place. 

4. Sleep schedules are more screwed up than ever, as most of the people I know have watched the sunrise and then went to sleep.

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5. Families are being broken apart with deaths ravaging through remorselessly. Children losing parents, the vice-versa, and even pets losing their owners are breaking families apart. 

6. The mental health of people has taken a toll with the quarantine and lifestyle. Students are no longer sure of what their colleges have to offer and people with jobs have taken a huge pay cut for the pandemic.

7. People have their stress levels at an all-time high due to the pandemic. Social media and news channels to that effect do not help ease the stress with all the news of death and destruction. 

8. The sportspeople, the adventurous, the explorers and the wanderers are having a hard time trying to adjust to their new lives indoors.

Staying indoors has become exhausting

9. Eating habits are at an all-time awry for many people. Some are either gorging in too much or others are having too strict a diet. But either way, eating habits have become very erratic. 

10. People are exhausted from dealing with the virus. The family members, the caretakers, the doctors, nurses, ambulance drivers and even the hospital reception. For once, the word “fatigued” would be the correct one to use as it has been over a year we have been dealing with the pandemic

Onto The Good 

And now, for the silver lining in the cloud, 10 random things going right around us now:

1. People have united together to fight the virus. We, as humans, have transcended all borders and classes and sects and have decided to fight the pandemic together. 

2. Bonds have fostered over social media and despite not being able to meet, these bonds have grown stronger. 

3. Cultivation of the habit of reading during the lockdown has been many people’s go-to, for staring at screens all day is not something everyone can handle. 

4. Along with the reading habits, people are at last having a sigh of relief by staying home. People with a stressful job environment can now have some respite and actually have some sleep to themselves whenever they want. 

5. The lockdown is primarily a pause button in life and people have also used it to hone life skills such as cooking, stitching and other such activities to better themselves in life. 

6. Some restaurants and eateries throughout India are giving away free meals for COVID patients and stand in solidarity with the people affected. 

7. During the entire phase of online classes, I saw my friends get internships that they wanted, graduate college and get placed in eminent companies and actually begin to settle in life.

8. Trending over Facebook, there is a new love story that occurred during trying times. It started as searching for verified oxygen leads and ended in Cupid’s arrow shot straight through the heart. 

New love in times of need

9. From a minimalist’s point of view, it dawned that all of us alive have a survival rate of 100%. This pandemic could not stop us. We, as humans, are as resilient as we can get. Stubborn and prone to evolution every step of the way. 

10. Dr. Marcus Ranney and his wife Dr. Raina started Meds For More – a citizen initiative to collect unused medicines from COVID-19 recovered patients.

Ronita Krishna Sharma Rekhi has led by example and urged other mothers to come up to breastfeed newborns who have lost their parents or are quarantined. These are a few of the many many unique ways that people have come forward in times of crisis.

Ronita Krishna Sharma Rekhi urging mothers to help breastfeed newborns

The list of good things around us was harder to curate as we came to realise that not many things keep people happy during a crisis panning across the world. Nevertheless, if we have missed something, do let us know in the comments down below.

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