It’s that time of the year again. The rich people are planning to replace their iPhone 7 ‘cuz iPhone 8 dude! While I still struggle to keep up with my college fee. Even that’s lesser than the price of an iPhone 8 or X, lol.

Come to think of it, Rs. 89,000 is hell lot of money and if we could actually gather these iPhone users to help people in the country, India can definitely win a lot of social battles.

Here are 10 things that you should do instead of orgasming over another useless iPhone model and spending almost a lakh for it:

1. You can contribute for about 50 couples in a ‘Samuhik Vivah’ with Rs. 89,000 instead of buying an iPhone.

There are so many youngsters and financially unstable families who have to take loans to marry, how about you helping such people with your ‘useless cash’?

Lets do the math, shall we?

Food alone would cost around Rs. 20-30k considering the number of relatives and organising people attending the event.

Decoration and mandap arrangements would cost another Rs. 10k. Lodging of relatives, Kanyadan, welcoming, barat etc. ceremonies would cost around Rs. 15-20k.

Clothing for the couples would cost another Rs. 10-20k and Rs. 9k for other miscellaneous expenses.

2. You can build 1 shelter for homeless animals with Rs. 89,000 instead of buying an iPhone.

Every day we come across homeless dogs, cows and various other animals. You can help contribute for an animal shelter with Rs. 89k instead of buying a damn iPhone.

Renting/utilising a community property would cost around Rs. 15-20k. Building a medical help setup and shelters another Rs. 20k. Initial food and medicinal supply for another Rs. 15k-20k. Initial staff/caretaker/trainer charges Rs. 20k.

Miscellaneous charges would amount to Rs. 9k.

3. You can sponsor 1 child’s education with Rs. 89,000 instead of buying an iPhone.

If it’s a government school, maybe even more than 1 child.

Lets talk about a private school here though. An average private school has Rs. 5k monthly fee so that makes it Rs. 60k annual charges. Another Rs. 10-15k for books and stationary.

Rs. 5k for uniform and other daily needs and rest Rs. 4k for other miscellaneous charges.

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4. You can help 1 farmer with Rs. 89,000 instead of buying an iPhone.

In a time when government waives off a staggering Rs. 250 worth of loan for farmers, they really need financial aid! Why not help them instead of wasting money on another iPhone?

Lets say a farmer has 1 hectares of farming land in a suitable climate for cultivation of Paddy. Human labour would cost about Rs. 20k. Animal labour around Rs. 10k. Machinery and tools for about Rs. 15k.

Seeds for Rs. 10k and fertilizers, manures etc, would cost another Rs. 15k. Irrigation charges for Rs. 10k and other miscellaneous charges for Rs. 9k.

5. You can help 12-13 women facing sex abuse with Rs. 89,000 instead of buying an iPhone.

In India, a lot of women are forcefully trafficked and a lot of them are victims to sexual abuse. You can help such people instead of buying an iPhone because lets face it free legal aid is still a distant dream!

An average lawyer would charge Rs. 6k-7k to look into one such case, you can contribute for about 12-13 such cases with Rs. 89k.

6. You can help clean 5 slums with Rs. 89,000 instead of buying an iPhone.

India is portrayed as a country of slums and beggars in the world. You can help clean that image by helping to clean slums.

Say you employ 3 people to clean for 30 days on Rs. 200 per day basis. That would mean Rs. 600 per day and Rs. 18,000 for one slum for one month.

You can help clean 5 such slums on an approximation.

7. You can feed 1 family of 4 with Rs. 89,000 instead of buying an iPhone.

Say a meal costs Rs. 20, so 3 meals a day makes it Rs. 60 per person. For a family of 4, three square meals a day would then cost Rs. 250 (aprrox.) which makes it Rs. 75,00 a month.

For an year that comes out to be Rs. 90k!

8. You can provide purified water to 1 locality with Rs. 89,000 instead of buying an iPhone.

Setting up and human labour charges around 30-40k. Transportation, equipment and reach would amount to rest of the sum of money.

9. You can organise Awareness Programs/Vocational Training for 10 people with Rs. 89,000 instead of buying an iPhone.

India is one of the country’s with highest unemployment ratio. You not buying an iPhone can change this figure.

Say we hire 2 people on 1k basis for 10 days to provide vocational training to 10 people and give them Rs. 100 to attend everyday. That makes it 60k for the people giving such training and 30k for the ones taking it!

10. You can help 1 Old Age Home/Orphanage financially with Rs. 89,000 instead of buying an iPhone.

instead of buying iPhone 8

Again, we all know how the orphanages and old age homes are maintained. Movies and shows have shown us the ground realities of these places time and again.

You can financially aid one such institution for about an year to better a few lives. Food and medicinal aid 60k. Other needs 30k.

So, the choice is yours. Either be a d*** and buy Apple’s new model of iPhone in all different colours or actually bring colours in so many lives!

Picture credits: Google Images

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