As the 2017 sports year got underway, a new deal was struck between the World Air Sports Federation (FAI) and Noosphere Ventures, making the latter the most recent partner of FAI in technological support and development.

FAI partnership with noosphere ventures
Image Credit: Noosphere Ventures via FB

Managing partner of Noosphere Ventures, Max Polyakov, finalizes the long-awaited agreement with FAI Head, Frits Brink, and another high-standing FAI official Susanne Schödel. This development aims at ensuring the improvements in score counting, management of events, data management and digital innovation in the organization.

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Max Polyakov’s comment upon the signing was that their joint objective with FAI upon signing this agreement is to move the technical sports field to a whole new level.

The World Games of 2017 held in one of the Polish cities were the first event that would lead the technological revolution under this agreement. The tournament utilized Cup Navigator, the innovative score counting tool.

Cup Navigator is essentially a program that eases score counting and the whole process of dealing with data during the games. Initially, it was test-driven in three disciplines; however, due to its impeccable performance, it is bound to be used in the games to come as well.

Sports already has a good degree of digitalization, and Noosphere Ventures is happy to bolster further development in this area. Air games sometimes get criticized for not being able to provide adequate measurements of sportsman performance. Of course, measuring distances and angles in the air is not the same thing as doing it while on the ground. The new software aims at making the measurements and score counting more transparent and easy to do, to keep the judges and the contestants equally happy.

Michael Ryabokon who works at Noosphere stated that they have been involved with FAI in Space Modelling for 4 years now and their common purpose is to push technology further into bigger sports like balloon flights or paragliding. It was a success to see our software working flawlessly at the World Games.”

Apart from designing a score counting program, Noosphere has the credit of remaking the official website of the Air Sports Games. It has become more visually engaging, up-to-date and simultaneously informative, providing information about existing and future events.

In addition to this, Max Polyakov and EOS are working on new instruments for analyzing geodata.

All the athletes who took part in the World Games 2017 talked about significant improvements that they noticed during this year’s air sports competition. Noosphere Ventures, Max Polyakov and FAI are adamant that this will inspire wider audiences to show interest in air sports and visit the upcoming events of the organization.

Noosphere is constantly engaged in digitalizing global sports. Not so long ago, Association Noosphere put together a hackathon with the participation of a few most innovative universities of Ukraine to develop improved score counting for balloon sports. The winners of the competition will be able to test their inventions first-hand at all the upcoming FAI Ballooning Competitions.

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