The bad thing about the current social media algorithm is how quickly it becomes repetitive. Well of course, amongst all the other toxic and bad things it leads to but repetition is certainly one of them.

Once you start following certain people or like some types of posts, that is all you see. Nothing new or refreshing will come across your feed since the algorithm will feed you the stuff you like in order to keep you on the app.

The trending pages are even worse since everyone seems to be doing the exact same 2-3 select things. The same dances, same Instagram or TikTok challenges on some song, same filter shit with Aurora or something, same singing challenges, same makeup videos… same same of everything.

One is either bound to get hypnotized by this all or get sick and bored of all of it. So in order to break the monotony since everyone on Insta seems to be dancing the same steps on the 1-2 songs, here are some unique Instagram accounts that are doing stand-out content.

1. @neha.doodles

The artist makes doodles both in still and animated format on current Indian scenarios and many of them dance too.


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2. @storysellercomics

Who said adults cannot read comics and stories in the format mostly meant for young children?

This account translates adult stories and issues into child-like comic format.


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A post shared by Harshveer Jain (@storysellercomics)

3. @littlebangalorestories

This chain of Instagram pages including Little Bangalore Stories, Little Pune Stories, Little Kolkata Stories, Little Delhi Stories, and Little Hyderabad Stories are truly adorable.

4. @nottodolist

You always hear of To-Do lists… ever seen a Not-To-Do list?


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A post shared by Tony Tao Xia (@nottodolist)

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5. @under25dictionary

This is surely going to help many millennials and boomers and all, keep up with the new generations lingos and be all… hip?

6. @themermaidscales

This account will give you everything, makeup looks, anime content, and more.


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A post shared by K R U T I K A (@themermaidscales)

7. @natgeo

You get to learn something new at least.


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A post shared by National Geographic (@natgeo)

8. @elliejg16_zebedeemode

Ellie Goldstein a British model with Down syndrome is certainly an inspiring and unique account to follow.


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A post shared by Ellie G (@elliejg16_zebedeemodel)

9. @gdax

This is the account of a Buddhist monk living in Tibet who shares snippets of how it really is living in a monastery.

10. @12amstories


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Hopefully, these accounts are able to break the repetition of our Insta feeds and revive your feed.

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