BJP MP Anil Agarwal’s letter to Prime Minister Narendra Modi about the Population Control Bill has renewed interest in it.

The Rajya Sabha Member of Parliament (MP) from the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) has urged PM Modi to take up the Bill and introduce it in the next session of the Parliament.

But many people are confused as to what this Bill is all about and how it could affect the people of India since the Bill itself has been there for some time now.

No one can deny that India’s population is growing day by day and it is estimated that soon, India will take over China in terms of population.

As per a report from the East Asia Forum, it is said that by 2050 India’s total population could be around 1.69 billion, taking over China’s estimated 1.31 billion in the same year.

In his letter, the MP stated that controlling the population is the need of the hour and that one of the ways to make India ‘Atmanirbhar‘ or self-reliant is to make this bill a law.

But what exactly is this bill?

Here are some important points we need to keep in mind about this bill and what are the proposed things listed in it.

What Is The Population Control Bill?

In his letter, the BJP MP furtively stated that “On August 15, 2019, you talked about population control while addressing the country from the Red Fort. The time has now come… I urge you to bring an effective population control bill in the next session of the Parliament.”

He added that “Arable land in the country is also continuously decreasing. If there is no population control law in time, many problems will arise.” 

Yesterday, on August 9th 2020, he had even tweeted about this and stated that “Population control law is the only option to make India self-reliant and the best. According to me, if India has to become self-reliant and the best according to Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi’s vision then population explosion will have to be stopped with immediate effect.”

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1. The Bill was first introduced in 2019 as the Population Control Bill, 2019 or, Population Regulation Bill, 2019 in the Rajya Sabha in July of last year.

2. Rakesh Sinha, another MP of Rajya Sabha introduced the bill basically to start controlling the population growth in India.

3. The bill is not yet a law, which is why Anil Agarwal is imploring the PM to get it started to become a law. The initially proposed bill was signed by 125 MPs.

In February of 2020, a Shiv Sena MP, Anil Desai, brought up the Constitution (Amendment) Bill, 2020 that would amend the Article 47A of the Constitution of India.

4. This new 2020 bill puts forth a two-child only policy.

5. If the couple adheres to this policy they would be given many government-based incentives.

6. These incentives can include educational benefits, taxation cuts, home loans, free healthcare, and better employment opportunities to name a few.

7. The 2019 Bill by Sinha had proposed that couples who had more than 2 kids should be debarred from contesting elections, denial of government jobs, financial benefits and even food under government’s public distribution system.

8. One section of the 2020 Amendment Bill also proposed that the central government should give preference to candidates who have two or less than two children.

9. Another section of the 2020 Bill asked for all employees of the Central Government to submit an undertaking in writing that they shall not have more than two children. Employees who already have more than two children shall submit an undertaking that they will not procreate any more children.

10. A section of the 2020 Bill stated that a married couple who are below the poverty line, having only one child also agree to get sterilised, then they shall be eligible to get Rs. 60,000 if their child is a boy and Rs. 1 lakh if the child is a girl, from the central government. This child would also get preference while getting admission in institutes of higher education and during the selection of a government job.

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Sources: Business Standard, The Print, Livemint 

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