The State Home Department, on January 14, gave a verdict wherein members of the transgender community were allowed appointments up-to the level of Assistant Sub-Inspector.

It has been a first, since the transgender community, in general, has not been included in forces.

In India, according to Census 2011, there were 40,287 transgenders out of the 10.4 crore population. With such a significant number of members belonging to a certain community, the question arises as to why inclusivity had not been adopted earlier itself.

Not only are the transgenders capable enough, but they are eager to work and give back to society as well. If they have shown such enthusiasm and their condition is not exactly decent in general, then why are we all, as a nation, not working towards including their community in any and every functioning field?

Discussing The Verdict Regarding The Transgender Community

“As per proportional representation based on the population of transgenders, Bihar Police can employ 51 transgenders as there are sanctioned strength of 1,30,243 police persons. It means 40 constables and 11 sub-inspectors can be appointed from among transgenders,” said the authorities.

Nitish Kumar, CM of Bihar

The ratio for appointment (1:500) has earned itself lots of fingers since clear differentiation is visible. Transgenders have been put on one side and all other genders on another. 

This blatant differentiation is hard to grasp since all able-bodied beings should be eligible with an equal chance at being appointed and no such ratio criterion should be followed. 

On the other hand, the state has, without a doubt, raised the bar by being the first to include transgenders in the forces. The community has, for years on end, suffered and been suppressed. 

They have not been able to give back to society or to live with grace and dignity. Menial jobs too have been unapproachable for them, thereby rendering them helpless and a bit behind.

So the step of the state is, hands down, praiseworthy and inspiration needs to be taken from here. 

Another point within the verdict that has come out, is the statement that the transgenders will be marked under the same physical parameters as that of the female candidates. Here the preferred gender is being respected, so is the basic conduct of respecting everyone’s choices.

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This Is Not The First Time For Bihar

India’s leading transgender activist, Laxmi Narayan Tripathi

In 2006, Bihar police came up with a bizarre idea of tackling the issue of outstanding municipal tax by sending dancing groups of transgenders to collect back the money.

People, being unaware of manners and civility to behave with transgenders, got scared of the members dancing and screaming at their doors and returned the amount straightaway. 

This brings me to another question as to why the community is so misinterpreted. The community has been a major part of our civilization for a long, long time. 

Evidence can be found in history itself. And of course, keeping the consistency, the treatment and reaction towards the members have been too disturbing. 

Humans, in general, tend to outcast and bully anything different. From skin colour to accent, physicality to cognitive ability, physical disability to the economical background. 

As long as it’s different, the so-called “society” considers it worthy of discrimination and improper treatment. This intolerance and lack of civility that gets handed down to our generations result in fear of the unknown rather than grasping and accepting it with open arms.

What Has The Community Got To Say?

“This is a major victory for us. We can say that our golden period starts now,” said Reshma Prasad, an expert member of the National Council for Transgender Persons (NCTP) in Delhi. 

One thing that has been with the community all the while, is patience and an optimistic perspective. Never have they given up, nor have they blamed anyone. Simply looking towards the sun and being happy among themselves has been their motto.

“Transgenders are neither physically nor mentally challenged. The only problem with us is that we don’t have social acceptability, but now the Bihar government’s decision is revolutionary and it will benefit the entire community. It has opened up new ways for a dignified life for the community,” Prasad added, pointing towards the community’s appraisal and gratitude for the step towards inclusivity. 

All in all, if one department can step forward for inclusivity, why can’t others? Transgenders have just started being a part of the community as rightful members and a huge difference can already be observed. 

The sectors that have opened up their minds and arms for the community have started flourishing furthermore. An open mind and a want of equity is the way to go. 

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