Watch: 5 Legal Facts Every Indian Should Know

Law is the foundation stone of every society. Since the inception of humanity, the law has held a significant position in civilized and developed societies. Uncivilized and law-less societies were mostly denounced as anarchic.

These societies lacked recognition amongst neighbour and non-neighbour nation-states, reducing their status in the international arena.

Law is the driving force of every society. In every society, certain inalienable and natural rights exist in human beings known as human rights. The states have a responsibility to protect those rights, but apart from them, there are other rights as well which the law confers to the citizens.

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Unfortunately, due to a lack of legal awareness, commoners aren’t able to avail benefits and fight for their rights.

In the video below, we will discuss some pertinent legal facts.

If you know any other facts, do let us know in the comments below!

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