Thinking of visiting Thailand? Then you should definitely visit the “Cannabis Cafe”, also known as “Taste Of Ganja”.

This unusual cafe in Thailand serves cannabis-infused cuisine to its customers and has dishes like “Giggling bread” and “Joyfully dancing salad”

History Of Marijuana In Thailand

In 2017, Thailand became the only Southeast-Asian country that legalised the medical use of marijuana. Since then, many medical marijuana clinics have opened up throughout the country, promoting cannabis for medical use.

However, in December 2020, Thailand went further and officially authorised the consumption of cannabis stem, stalks, roots, and leaves as legal. Only the cannabis buds are still present in Thailand’s narcotics list. Also, the cultivation of cannabis plants can be done by licensed authorities only.

So, to remove the taboo of healthy marijuana, a restaurant in the Chao Phya Abhaibhubejhr Hospital in Prachin Buri, Thailand started its own “happy meal”.

Pakakrong Kwankao, the project leader at Chao Phya Abhaibhubejhr Hospital, claims that “Cannabis leaves when put in the food or even a small amount … it will help the patient to recover faster from the illness”.

She also added, “The cannabis leaf can improve appetite and make people sleep well, and also be in a mood, in a good mood.”

The “Good Mood” Menu

The menu of this unique restaurant includes dishes like the Smiley Tempura (THB120), which contains five battered deep-fried cannabis leaves along with a tangy-spicy mango salad. 

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According to the restaurant’s manager, “These five weed leaves… should contain around 0.7% THC. Just enough to get you in a good mood.”

Customers can also order the Good-mood Pizza (THB60), a Thai-styled pizza, but instead of oregano, it is sprinkled with dried cannabis leaves. The menu also includes crispy cannabinoid leaves salad with ground pork and chopped vegetables, happy soup as well as deep-fried bread and pork topped with cannabinoid leaves.

For beverages, one can order their famous, Good-mood Soda (THB80), which is a mocktail with soda, passionfruit juice, sweet syrup and raw marijuana juice.

How Potent Is The Food?

Now the main question is, will the food make you go all boogie-woogie? Is it safe to consume these dishes if one plans to drive?

Fortunately, according to the restaurant, the level of THC served is just enough to produce a gentle sense of buzz and a good mood. It will not leave you all high and paranoid. 

Customer Reviews

According to diner Ketsirin Boonsiri, “I’ve never taken cannabis before, it feels weird but it’s delicious”. Boonsiri further described the experience to be “quite strange”.

Nattanon Naranan, another customer of the restaurant, said that the cannabis leaves tasted the same as any other vegetable leaf. The only difference was that the post-consumption cannabis leaves had some after-effects which were completely “different”.

“It makes my throat dry and I crave sweets,” said Naranan.

According to Kanokwan Vilawan, deputy education minister of Thailand, following the success of these cannabis-infused cuisines, their aim will be to expand and add cannabis to famous Thai foods that are well known internationally to abolish the taboo of marijuana consumption.

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