Recently, the foodie in me who is always on food ordering applications looking hastily for treasure i.e. discounts, came across something exciting on Zomato.

I discovered that Non-Zomato Gold members could avail Infinity Dining too. Infinity Dining is no longer exclusive for Zomato Gold members.

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All the articles on the Internet, announcing the launch of Infinity Dining read otherwise, so to make sure I dropped a text to Zomato Help Team. The team confirmed that although earlier ‘Infinity Dining’ was exclusive to the Zomato Gold members only, now normal members can avail its use as well.

What Is Infinity Dining?

Infinity Dining is a unique dining out and social drinking experience that lets you All You Can Eat & Drink at the best restaurants and bars in your city launched by the application in July, 2019. For the same price that one would spend on a typical two-course meal, one can now order anything and everything you want from the entire menu with unlimited servings of one’s favourite dishes. Also, while dining Infinitely one gets access to an open bar as well.

How Can One Avail Infinity Dining?

In order to avail Infinity Dining one needs to book tickets for themselves and their family members. Here are some things to keep in mind:

  1. The cost per person is fixed so the prices of individual dishes do not matter.
  2. Infinity Dining per-person cost works out way cheaper than sampling a wide range of dishes at the restaurant of your choice. 
  3. As a normal member, you can book tickets for your friends and family members. 
  4. The booking can be made through the Zomato application online. A fixed price is charged without any hidden charges to confirm the booking.
  5. Kids up to 6 years of age can dine for free when accompanied by an adult availing Infinity.

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Do You Need To Be A Zomato Gold Member To Avail Infinity Dining?

You no longer require a Zomato Gold membership to avail an Infinity Dining experience. Just make the booking and eat your heart out at your favourite eateries. 

Even though the initial launch blog on Infinity Dining by Zomato says that the service is exclusive for Gold Members, an updated version of the application doesn’t require you to be one. Celebration Time Folks! 

I do wonder why Zomato hasn’t made an official announcement regarding the same yet. The rules on the application nowhere state Zomato Gold membership as a prerequisite.  However, all the posts online still state otherwise. 

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Eh, Being sneaky Zomato?

So if you are a Non-Zomato Gold member who just discovered this and has started making the list of eateries you want to go Infinity at, thank me or just send me Peri-Peri Fries.

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