By Harsh Nigam

Sonali Bendre is one of the loved and recognized actresses in Bollywood. She was a major part of every millennial’s life while growing up, including mine.

But recently, we all got this unfortunate and sad news from her that she was detected with metastatic cancer for which she’s in New York now, getting a treatment.

A picture of her recently broke the internet where she is enjoying with her friends Suzzane Khan and Gayatri Oberoi in the New York City.

The picture which she posted recently unveiled her new look in which she has gone bald due to the chemotherapy sessions that she has been going through. I feel like this new look is very motivational when explaining her condition.

I have been following her since she announced it online to the world. Her story inspires me to write about her because I believe when we get hit rock-bottom, it brings the best out of us, and that is exactly what is happening to her.

Insensitive “Attention-Seeking” Ideology

A lot of people are saying that whatever she is doing is her way of using her situation to gain attention from media and people alike.

This is very inconsiderate and ill of the people to think and pass on this shallow ideology which impregnates their mind.

Imagine your beloved in that situation and then put yourself in the place of her family reading all this.

I know that she is a public figure and that there is an entire PR team which works and tells a celebrity as to how they should handle such things when they are revealed to the public but the message that Sonali posted online genuinely felt written from the heart.

Sonali Bendre goes bald
Sonali Bendre with her husband Goldie Behl

The problem is the biases that come along when we are judging a public figure in that similar position where we would’ve sympathized with the condition of a normal person.

It is not their fault that they have emerged as a figure loved by them.

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It is you, the people who have made them what they are today.

I believe that when a situation like this arises where they need our full support, instead of acting up with the crap that we post online showing our pseudo-intellectual dumb side, we can simply either not do anything in that particular space, or show that we support something which is very much human instead of acting like an ass.

People Are Missing Out On The Real Issue Here

There is nothing funny when it comes to cancer. From the chalked out ‘Mukesh memes’ to anything that the online crowd might find funny which apparently deals with something serious, this should simply stop. I am not blaming the meme culture here, but something is being overlooked which is clearly wrong.

I am not saying that you should go all overboard even when you are not concerned with the person, but you should not disrespect or demean anyone knowing what they are suffering from.

Sonali Bendre goes bald
Sonali Bendre with Sussanne Khan and Gayatri Oberoi.

I hope that she rises and defeats her condition soon and roars back at the world with her full might.

Image credits: Google

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