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Yes, I am ‘poor’ and I am not ashamed of it



‘Poor’-a word which brings to one’s mind, images of people deprived of the most wanted ‘roti kapda makan’.

Does that happen with you too?

Well, that’s not the case with me anymore! And there is a reason to it!

Nowadays this ‘poor’ tag belongs to individuals who can’t afford branded clothes or the latest smart phone or a big fat birthday bash. And why not, if you can’t afford it, you aren’t worth it!

And the so very poor victim of this ‘poor’ tag is the youth of today.

Status, position and reputation are all that matter. And to have that you need to have “Paisa… Boss”. If one has to fit in, he needs to be rich and spend frivolously and if he can’t then he is a poor chap.

But does anyone ever think about what that ‘poor’ chap feels?

“Yes I can’t afford to eat out in malls every second day.

Yes I can’t afford to wear branded clothes, I can’t hangout and party with friends every weekend.

Yes I can’t afford the latest technology.

Soo what? Will you tag me as ‘deprived’?

My friends and acquaintances comment and taunt on my status, without even thinking what I am going through. I have enough means to live a normal life, isn’t that enough?

Will you only judge me by my financial status? Does my character and individuality stand nowhere?”

This is the dilemma of the financially unsound generation of today. They go through such feelings day and night and somewhere they have no control over it. Who is to be blamed if they can’t afford?

What’s the way out then? Maybe just let it go and be you…That sounds good but what if we could pretend and manage to get all of it!!

That sounds even better. Let’s just pretend to be rich and show off!

And that’s what people have  actually started practising. That’s the way out! You can’t survive without that. After all you need to have a social life and it only comes at the cost of money. So be it! Great!

Just forget your financial situations and plunge into the pool of bogus. Go on, exploit your parents, grab some money and you are on the right path. Great then!

But remember you can put on for a month, pretend for a year but not forever! So let’s face it!


And let me tell you something…It doesn’t matter. Whatsoever others might say it’s one’s individuality, personality and character that matters. Whatsoever your friends might say or think it’s important to be true to one’s own self, to be happy and satisfied as you are. After all you can’t please everybody! So just shun it off.

Be yourself! Don’t be ashamed of it!

Live life like you want to, decide your priorities and mark your limits!

Because in the end the fact is “I am what I am and I am not ashamed of it”

And if in this journey you still find friends who stand by you, treasure them.

No glam and glitter but still happy forever and ever!



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