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Often feel lonely? Got to deal with it.



Are there times in your life when you feel like crying out loud, “Is there anyone in this world who can be with me. Am I all alone here?” Do you feel like killing those people who do not reply to your messages and just trigger off a feeling of being ignored? Wait! Wait! You cannot do all this in this sane world.

I am sure that we all have had this feeling of being lonely, may be temporarily, but it does occur. Whenever we feel so or even anticipate the same for our future, it gives a twinge of abandonment distress that we may feel. ‘Why do they not like me? Am I a loser? Am I so ugly that no one wants me in their friend group? May be they are not worth me? Are they all mean? Are they planning stuff against me?’ If these lame, confusing, and baseless stories take you to the world of alienation, then you are surely at a right place. I am sure the following tips might help you deal with it.


  1. It is just a feeling: People feel that ‘alone now, alone forever’ but that is not true. It is just a feeling that you may get at any point of your life. It is not ‘a fact’ that will stay with forever. Just realize it, feel it, and avoid over reacting. If you view it as a normal human emotion, it will surely have a little lesser impact.
  2. Do not seclude yourself (even more): How dejected you may feel but someone still exists  who would listen to you and want to be with you. Do not forget that special person even if you are alienated by the world. Try to reconnect with your family and friends. They will make you feel better.
  3. Build up a little confidence:  No one can make you feel better except you. Shun off all those crazy and stupid myths about yourself. Just stand in front of the mirror and try to speak out what are you good at. Those confident looks and posture will certainly bring people around you. This is a tried and tested fact. Trust me.
  4. Develop some new hobbies: Sometimes, living alone can help you explore yourself. You just realise what you are and what you want to be. Self-analyses will give you answers to millions of your questions. Try to ponder them and realize those new ways and new habits that make you happy and pursue them. Once you get involved in your favourite stuff, you will have fun that cannot be explained.
  5. Pen it down: A writing pad is the best friend for a lonely person. This is something very common and we all have tried. Penning down all your feelings will take you to a state where no one is there to defy your thoughts. You might enjoy expressing yourself in poems or phrases .You may end up understanding that this was all what you felt, reality being different altogether.
  6. Go and explore new places: Get your bag, put those headphones in your ears and you are ready to go. Travelling alone can be fun too. You will get so busy in new cultures, new people, new city, new life (that might retain for a few moments only) that you would not even feel your solitude. Let alone be lonely sometime.

After all, man is a social animal he needs company but the feeling of all alone can give you certain lessons of life. Just learn them and try to be positive about everything around.


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