For all the memes and jokes that the Shark Tank India show brings, it also lets various businesses across India shine a spotlight on themselves. It lets the Indian people become aware of brands they wouldn’t have otherwise and one such is ‘Bhaskar’s Puranpoli Ghar’.

Not only about the restaurant itself, but the founder of it Bhaskar KR and his inspiring journey became known on how he built a brand that’s literally earning in crores right now.

‘Bhaskar’s Puranpoli Ghar’ And Its Inspiring Founder

Bhaskar KR recently appeared on an episode of the second season of Shark Tank India and shared his story on how he built his food business into what it is today. Called the ‘Bhaskar’s Puranpoli Ghar’ (BPG) the founder hails from Karnataka, which is where he first started it.

Bhaskar, however, had incredibly humble beginnings, working as a waiter and hotel cleaning staff around 25 years ago.

Currently, BPG sells around 24 different types of Puran Poli, a type of Indian sweet snack all around the year. The business also has around 400 various kinds of snacks that it offers and as per reports claims to be selling around 1,000 Puran polis on a day-to-day basis.

Bhaskar had moved to Bengaluru at just the tender age of 12 though and made his living working as a cleaner and busboy at a hotel for around fives years, and then various odd jobs for another eight years before he opened his very first Puran Poli stall.

During the early years, he would be cooking the Puran polis himself and became successful enough soon to buy a proper shop to set up the business.

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Bhaskar during those eight years worked as a dance instructor and tried his hand with various businesses like a paan shop, a bhajiya and bonda seller to nearby shops, but none of them took off.

Finally, at the age of 23, he opened his first Puran Poli stall on a footpath and for around 12 years would operate from there selling Puran polis in small packets to customers and even selling it to shops around the area on his bicycle.

However, it was a stint at a cooking show on TV where he finally found some recognition and a friend adviced him on making the store hygienic, focusing on branding and packaging eventually leading to the origin of Bhaskar’s Mane Holige (BMH).

From there it was a rapid chain of success where BMH opened a new store every 8 months and today stands strong at 17 stores across Karnataka and boasts of sales of Rs. 18 crores on a yearly basis. Not just that, the brand also makes a profit of around 20% or Rs. 3.6 crores.

Bhaskar had finally recently partnered up with Vittal Shetty and Saurabh Choudhary to expand the restaurant in Maharashtra. On Shark Tank India, Bhaskar laid the offer of funding for Rs. 75 lahks for 1 per cent equity from the sharks.

However, his pitch was declined, despite the inspiring story, because the sharks said that the business was already extremely profitable and did not require their funding.

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