High-tech multinational companies and corporations have been in existence for a very long time, but the rising start-ups and small businesses led by young students seem to be stealing the spotlight in modern days. Young student entrepreneurs are very much a part of the business world today.

Gen Z Doesn’t Like To Be Bossed Around

The youth of today are very independent and have the urge to become successful. Rather than working in private companies or hustling after government jobs, they find it way more beneficial to simply start a business of their own. They do not like to be bossed around.

Starting a small business of your own will give you the chance to make suitable decisions and not be answerable to anyone. You have the liberty to plan your timetable and work or rest any time of the day you please. If successful, you can make more money in your own business than most of the employees make at corporate jobs.

Main Attraction Of Starting One’s Own Business

The main attraction of these small business start-ups is the fact that most students usually turn their passion into their profession. They find it easier to do something they love that will also help them make money. Running your own business is not as dull and boring as working for private firms. In fact, establishing a business of your own can help you achieve self-actualization.

Of course, there is risk in starting your own business; huge investments will not always bring you profit. But if you are patient and industrious, there is a reward. Youngsters find this challenge very inspiring to start their own small businesses.

In most cases, students have to choose between their career and passion after a certain point in time, usually graduation. They give up their hobbies and reluctantly work for various companies.

Whereas, an individual can pursue his dream while establishing his own start-up. If someone wants to complete his master’s degree, he can do that besides taking care of his business.

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The Indian Government Is Supportive

The Government of India has set aside an amount of Rs. 960 crores for funding new businesses and start-ups. In addition to this, a sum of Rs. 828 crores will be provided for infrastructure.

The Indian Government has also launched the “Startup India Action Plan” campaign, to educate people about how to run a start-up, tax exemption, and other business-related matters.

This support from the government is further motivating the young generation to become successful entrepreneurs and start their own small businesses.

Launching a business of your own takes work. It is rather hectic to start from scratch, but eventually, when you invest your time and energy into it and watch it grow, you realize that the hardships are worth it. After all, Steve Jobs didn’t become the phenomenal person that he is in just one day.

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