There is a growing need for educational institutions to move away from the laser focus on marks and grades and more about the holistic development of its students.

Sure, while marks and class rankings still matter, it will certainly take more time for those standards of educational qualification to change, however, at the same time slowly institutes from schools to universities are being properly made aware that all that cannot happen at the expense of the student’s mental health and well-being.

These days institutes are expected to have proper facilities in place for students to vent and express their emotions like having qualified counsellors, classes on mental health, its importance and more.

In light of the same, a college in Lucknow has now started something called a Happiness Lab. But what exactly does this mean and will it help students?

Lucknow College’s Happiness Lab

Lucknow’s Avadh Girls’ Degree College (AGDC) has recently launched a Happiness Lab for its students. Prof Upma Chaturvedi, the college’s NSS officer explained it as “The lab is an attempt to help students be happy and tackle challenging situations and stressful events.”

The lab is expected to help students with strategies and ways to improve their personal happiness and get a large range of perspectives on happiness.

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Prof Bina Rai the college principal also commented that the institute plans on starting an initiative called ‘Dost’ a unique take at the usual suggestion box. Students can express themselves or ask for any kind of help that is needed in writing and put it in the box.

Prof Bina Rai stated that “The young generations face stress on various counts and this initiative will help them deal with situations and emerge emotionally stronger.”

The Happiness Lab is an attempt to help students become emotionally strong and able to face the various stressful situations that they are seeing these days.

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