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Women Can’t Drive Like Pappu Can’t Dance – Do You Agree?


By Parnika Deora

You put a woman in an enclosure that has 3-4 mirrors surrounding her and you expect her to direct all her focus on the road? That is pushing it a bit too far!




Women cannot drive perfectly and are prone to road accidents is one thing that we all have been hearing and still have not got enough of it. I remember when I turned 18 and was learning how to drive, my father would be scared to death while sitting beside me and he would feel that I might bump the car into a tree/pole/person/vehicle even if it was not moving.

Love Test:

If your boyfriend can trust you with his car, then go ahead and marry him. It is a litmus test for love and to see whether your boyfriend is truly honest when he blurts out ‘Nothing is more important than you’. If he makes excuses and does not let you drive his car then it’s high time that you understand who his real ‘Baby’ is!


The widely shared belief is that women are too focused on just the road and do not take a full peripheral view of the vehicles and people around. Women have trouble parking and it is hard for them to mentally calculate how to park while in reverse and not shout out later ‘THUK GAYI’.

One major blot on most women’s driving is that they use the rear view mirror to perfect their makeup and not for its actual purpose.

Dangerous Driving


Does the above paragraph do justice or is it just a pile of crap? Let’s find out.

Peripheral vision:

One thing I would like to bring to your notice is that women on an average are said to have a better peripheral vision than men. Peripheral vision is a part of the vision that occurs outside the very center of gaze. So, there shouldn’t be any vision drawback for women not driving well.

And they say women can’t drive:

Another thing is that driving means different to both the genders. Usually, men equate driving to speed and the thrill they get out of it. While most women, on the other hand, do not drive for seeking the adrenalin rush but because they want to get from A to B. So they are conditioned to drive safer and maybe a bit slow at times, which is also backed by the fact that women are less involved in major accidents as compared to men. They might bump cars or get a few scratches here and there but major accidents that happen due to drunk driving, over speeding etc. are mostly men’s domain.


Motor Skills:

After having spoken to a few people, one thing that had very minimal discrepancy was the statement that women have a lot of trouble while parking. According to a study, males may excel at motor skills while women may be better at integrating analysis and intuitive thinking. This might give us room to understand why some women may not be able to analyse the space- distance ratio while parking.



Women are not very aggressive drivers and they usually wouldn’t come running out of their cars brawling out some nasty ‘gaalis’ just because two cars kissed. Men would start a world war and make it a point to prove themselves right and then get away with it by saying ‘Ladkiyo ko gaadi deta kon hai aur kyu?’

All said and done, it might be that some women aren’t as smooth drivers but then, one cannot have it all! Can they? It’s already tough being the model of God’s perfect creation. Yes, do not argue on that or you’ll be forced to sit in a car with me soon.

All images have been taken from Google.

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