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As A Woman Entrepreneur, 3 Resources That Will Help You Build, A Successful Career


Being an entrepreneur has done an 180 from the days when it was first introduced and people would scoff at the mere word, not amounting it to much, to now when it is literally one of the most sought after profession to be in.

There are entrepreneurs in practically every industry and various divisions of each particular industry.

But of course one has to factor in that with the rise in popularity of entrepreneurship as a profession all around the world, it has also created this mass frenzy with its glamourous job description and what not.

And while there might be cases of success, that success is not easy to come by, it takes a lot of hard work, determination, and good contacts if one plans to make it as an entrepreneur.

As if the profession itself wasn’t difficult to break into, it seems that being a woman just adds another layer of obstacle that one must cross.

Woman Entrepreneur

Its almost like the second your gender becomes known it automatically diminishes 10 points in the eyes of the client and they don’t want to go ahead with the project.

But worry not my fellow friends, for I bring to you the top 3 resources that can greatly provide a host of information and support when trying to break into the entrepreneur world:

1. Federation of Indian Women Entrepreneurs (FIWE):

The Federation of Indian Women Entrepreneurs or FIWE has been in existence since 1993 and has several branches across India with a membership base that crosses 15, 000.

Woman Entrepreneur

Recognised on a national level, this organisation provides a variety of help to budding women entrepreneurs, like:

– Providing technical knowledge, industry research and expertise, along with training for development and a space to network.

– FIWE also has the Micro Credit Program, which provides women with financial assistance like small loans, savings account etc. when breaking into the entrepreneur industry. This is a great help to especially small and medium scale women entrepreneurs. Along with that, they can also avail assistance on financial services and products that they might not have enough knowledge on.

– FIWE also does skill assessment of its members according to the National Skill Qualification Framework (NSFQ) and the National Occupational Standards (NOS).

2. She The People:

She The People founded by Shaili Chopra, started in 2012 and is one of India’s first dedicated video platform that caters solely to women entrepreneurs.

The motto of the organisation is clear and that is ‘The Future is Female’. She The People in a very short span of time has become a source of vital and crucial information to the budding female entrepreneurs of our country.

Woman Entrepreneur

They have created a rich and vibrant platform that is at once promoting teaching and learning as well as the inspiration to go and do something of your own.

– With sections like SHEMENTORS and SEPIA STORIES, they put out inspiring stories of successful female leaders, allowing one to learn about such successful women in a wide range of industries and know their stories intimately.

– Unlike a few other websites or organisations, She The People has not just success stories but even provides you with a platform to share your own achievements and success story. This allows for some great publicity and a way to bring attention to you and your start-up. Another is their annual Digital Women Awards, which celebrates the women that are making a difference as an entrepreneur.

– Their video format is perhaps their biggest USP as it allows you to take in information and knowledge quicker than anything.

With a plethora of information on almost everything that a woman entrepreneur would need, She The People has quickly become the go-to resource for most women.

3. Lean In India:

As an entrepreneur, you won’t necessarily have the backing of an already established company and all its resources at hand. That is why networking, though it might be a vast word, is of the utmost importance to one, especially a female entrepreneur at that.

Woman Entrepreneur

Lean In a non-profit organisation founded by Sheryl Sandberg, Facebook’s COO is one of the biggest organisations working towards empowerment of women in the entrepreneur sector.

– Lean In has both an international sector and an Indian sector, where you can find help and support according to the varying laws and work environment of your country. On their site, they offer a range of articles and tips for women in the entrepreneur business.

– The Chapter and Circle system really gives Lean In an edge as it compartmentalizes and allows everything to be in an orderly system without everything getting messy.

The Chapters are made up of networks of Circles which means that each Chapter will have different Circles within it.

So basically, the Chapter is one big group, while the Circles within it are a bunch of sub-groups that members can create if they want to. Say you are a tech woman entrepreneur who has joined a Chapter called ‘Women Entrepreneurs In Delhi’ after joining that, you can either make or join an existing Circle within the Chapter called ‘Women in Tech’, which will make sure that you get relevant and useful information and help from similar working individuals.

– A more informal platform than you might think, joining Lean In will open up a vast amount of networking opportunities you would ever find from all over the world. You can find some of the biggest executives, CEOs, entrepreneurs and various other successful individuals with whom you can connect. You can connect with your contacts either in person, if the Circle you are in is close to your location or even just remain and bring up any problem or question that you seem to be struggling with.

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