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How To Decide Which Online Payment App Is The Best?


It has been about 6 months since our dear PM Modi decided to literally turn our world upside down with one single decision. Demonetization.

That one decision practically brought our lives to a standstill with many of us having almost no money for even the most basic of payments like vegetables, household items and in some cases medicine too.

Half of our days were spent standing in a long queue outside some bank or another waiting to submit our now useless cash and get it exchanged for the new currency.

In those dark times, our saviour rose like a white knight and showed us a new way of making payments. And they were the online payment apps.

In a very short amount of time, online payment apps have become more essential to us than even hard cash, and with the onset of Digital India, it has brought many new players on board.

In lieu of that, while the benefits are many, there is also a lot of confusion as to which app is better and safe to use by the common public.

online payment app

Well worry not guys, because I bring to you some important points that you all must keep in mind when reviewing any online payment app:

1. How Easy It Is To Use:

I believe the first and more important point to be kept in mind when dealing with a mobile wallet app is the ease with which normal people can use it.

A complicated app which at the same time is used only for one thing can be really cumbersome and off-putting.

That is why an app that will let you navigate through it with ease but at the same time not be compromising on its quality is a good one to go for.

2. Time It Takes To Make The Transfer:

The second point is how long an app takes to transfer the amount to the retailer.

There is nothing worse than having to keep up the line while you wait for your app to load and make the transaction.

So look for apps that have features which allow for an instant transaction, something like mPoint app’s feature through which you can link your debit and credit cards and then generate a QR code that your shopkeeper or cashier will scan with their own app. This allows for quick cashless payment without any hassle.

3. Safety Issue:

Speaking of transferring, QR codes are a very safe way of transferring cash at stores. So more than any other points, make sure that the app has strong safety standards and read their privacy policy well before using them.

4. Extra Offers:

Now we get to the good stuff, because what makes a digital wallet even better?

You guessed right, it’s the offers.

For instance, apps like mPoint have a lot of features that give the user just that extra push with money transaction using reward points, or even customized offers based on your shopping needs.

I know I am using this app as an example for the second time, but this app is actually a very easy way to pay with.

Also, did you know that when using your debit or credit card, you get points for paying? And that with individual banks you can avail them, but only through their limited selection which is a damper.

With mPoint, you have the luxury to use those points and not just that, but even club it with points from other bank loyalty programs, at various stores across India to purchase products that you actually need and then either get a big discount or even buy it completely for free.

So these are a few points that you can keep in mind when selecting an online payment app to download.

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