A hostel warden or professor in a college are usually the person the students are told to go to in case of any trouble or emergency. 

They are supposed to be the safe party who will take the necessary action if someone is doing something inappropriate to the students. 

But it is a little disturbing to realise that many times these very people can be the ones causing the issue and troubling students. 

The recent news of how a hostel warden from the Govind Ballabh Pant Univesity or GB Pant University of Uttarakhand would call up girl students in the middle of the night is truly bizarre. 

The female students have complained about how he would call them in the middle of the night and ask them to come to his home. 

What Was The Warden Doing?

On October  21st 2019 a girl student from GB Pant University lodged a complaint alleging harassment and misconduct against a professor who was also the hostel warden of a boy’s hostel. 

First he would message them and if they did not respond then he would incessantly call them till they picked up. 

In her complaint she revealed that one time at midnight he first sent a text message wishing her a ‘happy birthday’ and then after that called her. During the call he apparently said that, “my wife is not home, who will cook, you come.” 

Dr. Salil Tewari, dean, student welfare, as per reports has stated that, “This issue was raised by a girl before the vice-chancellor (VC) at the university disciplinary committee meeting held in October. Since no written complaint was filed by her so no action was taken against the accused.” 

According to sources, the girl had shown these messages and words spoken by the professor as proof to the university committee. However, they didn’t really take any strong action against him, though they did remove him from the warden post that month itself. 

It is not made explicitly clear though if this complaint was the cause of that or not.

The case has now reached Governor Baby Rani Maurya who has also asked the VC of the college to properly look into the matter and take proper and strict action against the professor. 

She has also demanded that a report about how the university’s women’s hostel is managed be sent to her.

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Girl Students Uttarakhand University

What Is The Result?

Apparently, this is not the first issue with this particular professor as he has been complained about before also. 

Not only had he been suspended on charges of ‘dereliction of duty’ but he was also accused of ragging. 

Frankly, the girl has shown great courage as she is threatening to quit her course and the university if proper action is not taken against the accused.

But as important as it is for students to take a firm stand, it is even more crucial that the authorities take action immediately. 

How long will the officials wait for something even worse to happen? Often these people dismiss complaints and allegations thinking them to be nothing big. However, it is time that action be taken at the first complaint instead of waiting for something bad to happen.

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Sources: Hindustan Times, The Indian Express, Deccan Chronicle

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