November 29: Well, you will indeed find a long list of Academies offering makeup courses in British Columbia; Drama Queen Studios is providing the Best makeup and hair training to the students in Surrey, British Columbia.

Drama Queen Studios is the most professional in Canada, providing Bridal Hair & Makeup services to people nationally and internationally. Drama Queen Studios was founded by Kiran Purewal in 2002. She has experience of 19 years in the industry. Kiran Purewal is a bridal make-up & hair artist. Drama Queen Studios has an academy in which the students can learn professional make-up and hair training skills. In the academy, the students learn hair-styling and make-up applications and get professional training from Kiran Purewal, who has rich experience in this industry. All the students are trained by Kiran herself, and the students get a professional and insightful learning experience from the instructor.

Kiran Purewal is a wonderful instructor; she explains each and every detail thoroughly and has a lot of patience to make sure each student is excelling in every way in the process. All the instructors of the academy are very cooperative. The classes taken by Kiran Purewal in the academy are so informative and detailed, and there will be a lot of time to practice. She is very patient while teaching the students. The students love the way she teaches them in the academy with her expertise. During the course, the student can learn a lot from Kiran Purewal herself.

The instructors are always willing to help the student in case of trouble. The instructors in the academy, and especially Kiran Purewal have all the professional skills you will need in the industry. Kiran Purewal will teach you all the secret techniques and tips. In the academy, the students can learn from zero to nothing and even master the skill under the supervision of Kiran Purewal. The academy will provide you with top-notch materials on top of everything that is already provided. Drama Queen Studios is a step above all other makeup academies because of Kiran Purewal.

The instructors in the academy push and encourage the student to develop their methods. Drama Queen Studios’ professional hair and make-up artistry program will provide you with all the skills and knowledge you’ll need to be successful.

Kiran Purewal is willing to share her years of wisdom and experience in the industry. The Drama Queen Studio Academy certifies about 100 students each year, in the academy, classes are taken regularly and throughout that timespan. After the course, the students can set up their own business in this industry.

If you want to learn the professional skills from Kiran Purewal, then register yourself on

They are available via email 24 hours a day and 7 days a week and offer you topmost customer services. Please email to enquire.


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