The Sanchez- Mkhitaryan deal is a win-win situation for both the Red Devils and the Gunners. It is going to benefit both United and Arsenal in pursuit of their respective ambitions and augurs well for the players themselves as well.

Now, without much ado, let us analyze the current player swap:

1. Sanchez Has Joined The Biggest Club In The World

Since joining Arsenal, Alexis Sanchez has been involved in 121 goals (80 goals, 41 assists) in 166 games. This fact clearly states that the Chile player is a player of the highest quality. Yes, everyone was of the view that he would join City in the current transfer window until United intervened.

Some reports are mentioning that Sanchez chose United over City because the Red Devils apparently offered higher wages. This seems absurd to me because a player of his caliber won’t choose a club just based on wages. The fact that Mkhitaryan was involved in the deal helped this cause as well. And most importantly, he finally left Arsenal which he dearly wanted to get rid off. (Source: Forbes)

2. Mkhitaryan Have Failed To Live Up To His Potential At United

Jose clearly like players who are workhorses, track back and helps in the defense. Mkhitaryan is definitely a player who doesn’t fall into that mould. He is what you call a luxury player. Don’t get me wrong when I call him a luxury player. I’m a massive fan of the Armenian who was voted as the Bundesliga’s player of the season before moving to England. He is clearly one of the biggest talents in the PL but he isn’t a ‘Mourinho’ player.

He did perform admirably in the Europa League last year but hasn’t hit the ground running in PL in both the years.

(Source: Opta)

3. More Attacking Options In Forward Positions For United

Mourinho rightly pointed out after the Burnley game that there is little competition for places in the attacking areas. Does Sanchez improve our attack? Definitely. Sanchez usually operates on the left side but is more than capable to play in all the attacking positions which will definitely benefit the Red Devils a lot.

Moreover, Sanchez is a workhorse who tracks back to get the ball and is tactically disciplined. Just what Mourinho needs.

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4. Arsenal Is The Perfect Place To Go If You Are A Forward Player

There is no denying the fact that Mkhitaryan is going to shine under Arsene. With little baggage of defensive work, we might see the rebirth of the player who ended up with the most assists in Europe’s 5 top leagues in his last season in Dortmund.

The combination of Ozil and the Armenian will be one to watch out for.

5. Both Of Them Aren’t Cup Tied

This is probably one of the biggest reasons as to why the transfer took place in January itself rather than in the Summer. While Sanchez can ply his trade in CL, Mkhitaryan can help the Gunners win the Europa league which seems to be the only way Arsenal can play CL next season.


It’s clear that United has got a sweeter deal but Arsenal has also got a quality player in their ranks which is rare to see nowadays.

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