Watch: Why Rejecting To Use A Plastic Straw Helps The Planet And Oceans

Plastic pollution is one of the biggest problems we have in the world. The non-biodegradable nature combined with the heavy usage and improper disposal has led to this problem increasing to an exponential level.

Entire landfills are now full of plastic bags which prevent decomposition of organic materials and trap gases. They also wash into oceans and end up inside marine animals.

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In the video, there is a clip of a turtle who had a plastic straw stuck in his nasal passage. Many examples such as this exist and are growing day by day.

There is now a worldwide movement against plastic products, starting with straws. People say that straws don’t have much use and a lot of harms. Therefore, they should be discarded from use.

In fact, the EU passed a law against it recently.

For the entire scoop, watch the video:

Sources: CNN, Radisson Blu blog

Image Credits: Google Images

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