Marriages in India are undoubtedly considered to be sacrosanct, everlasting bonds of affection between two people (preferably between the opposite genders).

For time immemorial, we have been conditioned to believe that marriages are central to the social fabric of life, for sustenance, procreation and for fulfilling other familial duties.

The importance given to marriage cannot be underemphasized. Its relevance and existence has been drilled into our heads in a manner that is indelible.

For a generation that is circling around the concept of commitment phobia, independence and rationality, marriages in 2019 seem to be a fairly redundant and outdated concept for some.

The responsibility, commitment, permanence and a certain level of discomfort associated with it deters many millennials from getting married.

Ironically, this generation is as averse to marriage as it is obsessed with the idea of weddings. Destination weddings in Lake Como or Ummaid Bhavan in the most fairytale-ish manner, dotted with guests in classy ensembles dancing to discrete Punjabi music whilst wearing Sabyasachi lehengas and sherwanis is something that we all yearn for.

We want the fun, flair, and ‘show-shah’ of weddings, but not what comes after all the shebang has ended.

The mere thought of entering into an institution that can potentially lead to a lot of self-sacrifice, dedication and selflessness coupled with some amount of oppression and a lack of independence, is revolting (At least for someone like me).

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As a kid, rather even now, I have thought about getting married sometime in the future, with a big fat Punjabi wedding.

But as I grow older, I drift farther and farther away from the idea of being embedded strongly into the institution of marriage.

If the purpose is to find someone who you want to spend the rest of your life with, to have children with or even to not grow old alone, I guess marriage is not the end solution. All these things can be achieved without the social obligation of marriage.

The idea of a wedding on the other hand is appealing for a majority of the population as it’s a celebration. Alcohol, music, partying and the thrill of being with your friends and family for days on end not thinking about the consequences is of course an attractive prospect.

But what comes after, is something of a different ball game altogether, much to the dislike of people like me.

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