The AU Small Finance Bank released a recent advertisement in which Aamir Khan and Kiara Advani are seen playing the roles of a newly married couple, breaking gender stereotypes. It raised several controversies as it upset Hindu sentiments.

Description Of The Ad In Details

The AU Bank advertisement starring Aamir Khan and Kiara Advani depicts the story of how the husband chooses to settle with his wife in her parental home after their marriage since the wife’s father is handicapped. 

There is a car scene where the groom and the bride are discussing how neither of them shed tears during Vidaai, which is a custom in all Indian marriages where the bride parts with her family and leaves for her husband’s home. However, in this advertisement, the groom is seen moving in with the bride in her house. 

The ad portrays a picture of reversed gender roles in a traditional Indian marriage where Aamir Khan, playing the part of the groom, performs all the rituals that are to be performed by the bride. 

At the end of the ad, Aamir Khan says, “Hum poochte hai sawal banking ki har pratha se. Taki aapko mile best service,” meaning they are asking all the banks to break free of their mainstream thinking patterns to provide their customers with the best service possible. 

What Is Wrong With The Ad?

The latest advertisement released by AU Small Finance Bank has received severe backlash from Hindutva devotees for trying to twist the customs and traditions concerning Hindu marriage. They claim that the ad featuring Aamir Khan and Kiara Advani has hurt the religious sentiments of Hindus. 

However, the real problem with the ad is that it lacks clarity and a solid plot. How AU Bank is bringing change in the banking world remains unstated. There are several gaps and questions that the ad fails to cover and leaves the audience feeling unsatisfied with its abrupt ending. 

Netizens became furious with this commercial and heavily trolled the actors instead of blaming the scriptwriters and the advertising agency. This seems baseless and totally uncalled for.  

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Criticism Faced By The Commercial

The Home Minister of Madhya Pradesh, Narottam Mishra said, “I have seen actor Aamir Khan’s advertisement for a private bank after receiving a complaint. I request him to do such advertisements by keeping Indian traditions and customs in mind.”

He added, “I do not consider it appropriate. Such things about Indian traditions, customs, and deities keep coming, especially (from) Aamir Khan. The sentiments of a particular religion are hurt by such acts.” 

Vivek Agnihotri, director of ‘The Kashmir Files’ shares his opinion on the ad

Famous Director Vivek Agnihotri also criticised the ad and tweeted, “I just fail to comprehend since when banks have become responsible for changing social and religious norms. I believe that @aubankindia should engage in activism by reforming the broken financial system. Aisi bakwaas karte hain fir kehte hain Hindus are trolling. Idiots.” 

As a repercussion of all the hate comments and criticism faced by this commercial, people started yet another online boycott trend, blacklisting AU Bank. But neither the casting team of the advertisement nor the Bank has issued any statement on the issue till now.  

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