Whenever it comes to Bollywood actor Aamir Khan, we always expect something unique and extraordinary. Be it reality shows, or movies, he has been known to have an air of revival surrounding him.

And so, how could he come under the same category as other actors when capital is concerned. 

Earning through movies is not a foreign concept, and many actors have proved to be extremely calculative where money is concerned.

But Aamir has always abided by a certain ‘business model’ that has not only supported the producers but also helped curb any loss whatsoever. 

Aamir Khan during a conference where he explained his business model
He specifically mentioned the no loss factor of his model

The Foolproof Model

Aamir aims to earn profits, not to incur a loss. He thinks of every member of the crew and for the film before himself. A certain amount of self-centeredness is present, but it’s fair enough since he works extremely hard and earns it.

Since the start of his career, the model that has been with Aamir is that he does not charge anything for his acting. What he does is, ask for a set share in the profits which, in simple terms, means that in case the movie fails, he gets nothing. 

But if it succeeds, he has a higher profit share for himself. Supporting his producers remains Aamir’s ultimate goal since, according to him, “his producers earning money contributes to securing his career and film choices.”

Further proving his genuine and progressive attitude, he says, “I think the script is the foundation. I ensure that once I love the story and the film is in the making, people who are investing money should not face loss. I don’t allow the producer to shoulder the responsibility alone.”

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The General Fee

Interestingly enough, the general fee that actors demand is 80% which in turn, raises the question over the potential of a film to earn profits with the remaining 20%.

Aamir’s ‘business model’ ensures that he gets nothing until the film has recovered its costs, promotions budget, and producers have earned their profit. 

Not only being extra cautious of the film being worthy enough of profits but also considering the recovery of any and every aspect of monetary investment, Aamir has, once again, proved to be exemplary when it comes to earning through his career.

The bottom line being that only when the producer loses nothing and gains a profit will he consider casting the actor and appreciate his adopted method.

Origin Of The Model

Aamir said that he first tested this model while filming for Lagaan, 2001. 

The primary reason behind trusting the model and taking such a huge risk was that one, the film was one of the most expensive ones of that time, and two, it was going to break numerous rules of mainstream Indian cinema. 

Aamir felt a huge wave of gratitude for being cast as the protagonist as well as somewhat responsible since as soon as he came on board, no one questioned him for the subject he chose and supported him faithfully.

He said, “This is what makes me always want to ensure the profit and think of them first and foremost.”

If only all actors took to this model and focused on making the entire crew benefit, perhaps the annual loss incurred by the industry could be cut short and instead, be used in other much needed aspects.

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Sources: Indian Express, Deccan Chronicle, Live Mint

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