If you’ve been checking out Twitter lately, in addition to the various causes that are trending, you would have noticed a rather unusual one.

Yes, I’m talking about ‘Justice For Biryani’, a hashtag that has taken over the Twitterverse.

What it’s all about

Don’t worry, biryani is very much alive and kicking in India, and hasn’t been harmed in any way! In fact, this campaign was started BECAUSE of its extreme popularity.

MTV India has shared infographics on the popularity on biryani, showing how it is one of the most consumed dishes in India.

However, it doesn’t have an emoticon, whereas most other food items do.

There is even a petition on change.org doing the rounds, which you can sign to correct this injustice!

Protest march for biryani

Monday saw a protest march in Delhi with people holding banners demanding that biryani be granted its own emoticon in the online hall of fame.

Popular VJ Gaelyn Mendonca was also part of the protest.

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How popular is biryani?

In the age of food apps where hungry millennials in hostels and offices order food at the click of a button, biryani has seen a surge in popularity.

Here are some facts presented by MTV to solidify its claim of biryani being so popular that it deserves its own emoticon:

  • Biryani is the most ordered dish on Swiggy, with 43 orders PER MINUTE!
  • Hyderabad, famous for its delectable biryanis, receives 3500 tonnes of rice per day to make biryani.
  • There are several types of biryani, with about 80 different varieties existing worldwide.
  • The Government of Hyderabad released a stamp honouring biryani.
  • Bawarchi restaurant receives no less than 2,000 orders for biryani on a daily basis.
  • Paradise Biryani has its own place in the Limca Book of Records for the ‘Most number of biryani servings in a calendar year,’ numbering at a whopping 70,44,289 servings!

In most places in India, biryani is a staple at weddings and other functions. You also can’t drive down most roads without seeing a biryani joint- big or small.

I, for one, am fully in support of this campaign.


Image Credits: Google Images, Twitter

Sources: MTV India on Twitter, Times of India + more

Find the author online at: @samyukthanair_

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