The Family Man show’s season 2 is out and already everyone is going bonkers over how brilliantly it has been executed. Coming out a day early than planned, the 9 episode season from Amazon Prime Video India blew everyone’s expectations away and gave us a wonderful second season that is at par with the first.

Unlike the first season though, this season’s last episode’s last few minutes give us a glimpse of what season 3 would potentially be about. Beware… spoilers ahead, so anyone who hasn’t watch the show, go watch it and then come back here.

So the last episode’s ending shows the setting as Kolkata and a man getting ready for a supposedly Chinese mission called ‘Mission Guan Yu’. Before this there is a short montage of the COVID-19 pandemic hitting India, its ascend from just one case in the country to becoming a whole health crisis bringing the country to a halt.

What Does The Season 2 Ending Tell Us?

The man tells the mystery organization that some infiltrators or ‘phoenixes’ are embedded in Nagaland. It has been reported that Raj and DK, the creators of the show are planning to set season 3 of the show in northeast India, primarily in Nagaland.

This leads many to speculate that season 3 of The Family Man will probably take place in Nagaland and other northeast Indian regions and will deal with Chinese infiltrations.

It is supposedly said that the plot will revolve around members from a rogue gang or a terrorist organization from China who will try to attack India with TASC having to stop them.

While the setting is incredible really and quite relevant too, and frankly I cannot wait for the next season, it has given me some mixed feelings.

Could It Be Taken As Anti-Asian?

Considering the current atmosphere surrounding Asians who have oriental features or who have features even slightly similar to Chinese, one has to wonder whether this was a smart move.

Obviously, they are going to be the antagonists of the next season, and will be engaging in illegal activities that could and would harm a lot of innocent people.

Personally, I don’t know if that is the best course of action to take here, considering the growing resentment and discrimination that innocent people have faced because of prejudices and fear.

The origins of the coronavirus, specifically COVID-19 from China’s Wuhan region have led to a target mark on practically every such Asian-looking person.

The U.S. recently reported an incredible increase in anti-Asian bias, with people from Asian ethnicities being harassed, bullied, assaulted, and even killed.

The Atlanta spa shootings, where Robert Aaron Long, went on a shooting spree in March 2021 and attacked three spas in Atlanta, the US where he managed to kill eight people out of which 6 were women of Asian descent.

The shooter as per reports wanted to “eliminate the temptation” and wanted to “help” other people dealing with sex addiction by destroying these massage parlour.

People and the US-Asian community instantly rallied against this and said the very assumption that Asian women were sex workers and all was incredibly racist.

Not just the US, but India also witnessed an increase in such behaviour. In April, a study by the Indian Council of Social Science Research (ICSSR) that took a look at racial discrimination and hate crimes against people from the northeast States found concerning results.

As per the study, 78% of people from northeast felt that their physical appearance was a big reason for the prejudice shown to them.

The study found that “northeast India seamlessly fits [an] Indian’s imagination of a Chinese person” and that post-COVID outbreak people from that region “faced an increased number of acts of hate and prejudices against them”.

It also reported that people from the northeast were “harassed, abused, and traumatized” and even insultingly called ‘coronavirus.’

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There were some people who pointed this out on social media too.

Could It Shed Light On North-East?

However, perhaps this could be a good thing. There were many reservations and even outright calls for a boycott for season 2 by Tamils who feared they would be shown in a negative light.

The season though went against expectations and showed a more authentic and heart-felt portrayal of Tamils and Tamil culture.

So perhaps, one should not jump the gun and hope that season 3 also deals with people of the northeast with the sensitivity it deserves.

It could also help to shed light on the region, its different cultures, people, language and bring them to the mainstream Indian viewer.

To date, so many people know so little of the northeast India, perhaps the season could work to change that.

Let me know your thoughts on this in the comments below.

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Sources: The Washington Post, The Hindu, Hindustan Times

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