We live in the age when validation given by strangers online makes our day.

Diplomats argue that this generation is not egoistic but understanding and accepting.

But are we?

Try putting an opinion on a rather sensitive topic up on Twitter, and you will see the amount of hate you get.

Among the hatred, there will be a few contributors who will talk about how you’ve sent across the wrong information.

Such people claim to be a part of the woke culture.

What Is The Woke Culture?

If you break it down to the simplest meaning, it refers to keeping a certain political aspect alive in people’s minds.

Some say that the state of being ‘woke’ refers to the state of being politically aware, alert towards the racial and social discrimination or the happenings in your community.

Woke Culture Today

Today’s youth has conceived the wrong notion of woke culture.

Additionally, they have taken this misconception too far. For example, something as simple as a grammatical error is hyped up on social media, for people experience a sense of accomplishment on having noticed someone’s flaw.

Former US President Barack Obama stated in a summit recently,

“If I tweet or hashtag about how you didn’t do something right or used the wrong verb, then I can sit back and feel pretty good about myself because ‘Man did you see how woke I was? I called you out!’”

In my opinion, such people are simply trying to feed their ego by putting on a facade of their alertness.

People don’t keep up with social events to expand their general knowledge anymore but do so to look cool ‘for the ‘gram’.’

Woke culture has lost its original meaning.

Now, all we see is false activism.

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Todd Philips, the director of the film Joker, gave reasons on why he doesn’t film comedies anymore,

“Go try to be funny nowadays with this woke culture. There were articles written about why comedies don’t work anymore — I’ll tell you why, because all the f***ing funny guys are like, “F*** this sh**, because I don’t want to offend you.” It’s hard to argue with 30 million people on Twitter. You just can’t do it, right? So you just go, ‘I’m out’.”

On the internet, woke culture has been taken up to such an extreme level that artists who express their creativity using a harmless medium, are unable to do so, due to the fear of persecution and unwanted, critical opinion on their work.

Being ‘woke’ may be an important need of the hour, but we cannot have too much of anything. If our so-called ‘wokeness’ results in the stifling of artistic voices, is it really ‘wokeness’, after all?

Social media is now the slippery slope one talks about while constructing an argument. A simple action can either bring you down or lead you to victory.

This fear of consequences which will occur if we aren’t eternally right about everything, will be the reason due to which, progress will come to a standstill.

I’ve felt this fear too. As an author on a social platform called ‘Wattpad’, I tend to receive many comments on the stories I publish online. One of the many comments was regarding the description of books on a shelf so mentioned in one of the chapters.

The reader stated that its mention was unnecessary and did not relate to the plot. On my explanation of its importance, the reader felt as if her opinion wasn’t valued.

The incident left me skeptical about everything I post online.

If this fear is not controlled, this woke culture will become a dangerous pit with the egoistic predators waiting for someone to make a mistake so they can feed their hunger by dragging them down to guilt for committing something as human as a mistake.

Can a human being not make mistakes anymore?

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