Lawyers and policemen are the two very important pillars on which the Indian democracy stands, especially the judicial system and they are the ones who keep the justice delivery system running.

However, discord between police and advocates is nothing new and has been sensed at various instances. According to the latest reports, a similar clash was witnessed today.

Relying on the news running on the wires of electronic and social media, there has been a violent clash between advocates and policemen in the prominent Tis Hazari Court of Delhi.

What Happened?

Though not much detailed information is available on what exactly happened as both parties have a different story to present and as of now, no official statement on the series of events is received, however, some information is available. 

According to sources and available reports, the fight started with a petty issue on parking space and the same escalated into an instance of firing. Advocate Vijay Verma got injured by the police bullet who has been admitted in the St. Stephen’s Hospital.

Relying on the statement of Jai Biswal, an office-bearer of the Tis Hazari Bar Association, a police vehicle hit a lawyer’s vehicle when he was coming to the court and when he confronted, he was “ridiculed and six police personnel carried him inside and thrashed him. People saw this and called the police.” After the same, advocates started protests and closed the gates of the court.

Adding to the above, Biswal told News 18, the SHO and local police came to the spot but were not allowed to go inside. “We informed the High Court, a team was sent there along with six judges, but even they were not allowed to go in,” he said. “When they started to leave, the cops fired bullets.”

It is also reported that Additional Deputy Commissioner of Police is stuck inside the court premises. Media persons are not able to get inside the court premises.

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Latest Updates

According to the messages circulated by the Bar Council of Delhi and various post-holders in the community of lawyers, advocates have called for complete abstinence from work in all Delhi District Courts.

K.C. Mittal, Chairman of Bar Council, Delhi made a statement to media channels where he said “A young lawyer was beaten in lock-up, which is police high-handedness. They should be dismissed and prosecuted. We stand with the Delhi lawyers.”

As of now, there hasn’t been any statement from the side of Delhi Police.

There is no confirmation on what is currently happening behind the closed doors of Tis Hazari Court. However, electronic media is reporting that police is making all efforts to pacify the situation.

It is no secret that the clash of the authority vested in advocates and police doesn’t sit well however, member of both institutions should abstain from violent clashes. 

Image Source: Advocates At Tees Hazari Court

Sources: Hindustan Times, India Today, NDTV India

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