Which Browser Is Faster And More Productive, Firefox Quantum or Chrome? (Video)

With the new Firefox Quantum, what is your browser choice?

With Firefox revamping itself with Firefox Quantum that comes with some amazing features, are you once again confused as to which browser to use?

Whether to keep going with the conventional and first choice, Chrome or try the new Firefox Quantum?

Since Chrome first came on the market it has been the prime choice for millions around the world, easily defeating options like Internet Explorer and Opera. The only browser that could stand a chance was Mozilla Firefox the Chrome before Chrome.

However, due to better results in speed and acing at the tests carried out to check a browser’s productivity, Chrome showed Firefox the path.

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However, with the new and much improved Firefox, Mozilla assures users that Firefox Quantum’s “crazy powerful browser engine” makes loading pages a much faster process than Chrome. It also claims that it’s 30 percent lighter in terms of memory usage.

With Firefox Quantum now in the race, let’s see who wins.

Watch this video and choose your browser!

Got your answers?

Image Credits: Google Images | Design Credits: Author

Sources: Wikipedia, Browser Bench, Mashable India, Mozilla

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