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When people ask me why I like action so much, I tell them because without action, life would be all talk!


Canada, December 21, 2020, ZEXPRWIRE, Canadian based Tazito Garcia, action star and one of the best-known low budget independent film directors, outlines on the blurb of his newly released book How to Make it From a No-To-Whoa Budget.

In How to Make it From a No-To-Whoa, Tazito Garcia shares all the unique tactics and hacks he used to make his string of no-budget-films an inspirational success. This is both one man’s journey into filmmaking and an easy to follow guide for new filmmakers and content creators working on a no-to-low budget.

Many people talk endlessly about their successes. Former teacher and pro-athlete-turned-award winning actor-director, Tazito Garcia, recently had a very heart warming speech surface on Instagram about his failures and experiences that he included in his new partial filmmaking guide and partial memoir. That’s extremely refreshing, encouraging and a light for us to know that we as humans tend to learn far more from failures and hardships, according to science. 

During the many variables with COVID19, Tazito has quickly adapted his communication methods to the online platforms to keep in touch with friends, fans, students and filmmakers. The newly published How to Make it From a No-to-Whoa book is definitely an easy read that will help many performers and influencers forced to stay home to try their hand at content creation, writing and the filming process on limited resources during the pandemic.

The author’s approach for his willingness to just “go for it” is truly inspirational and matchable to Sylvester Stallone and Jackie Chan’s attitude, as he constantly warmly praises friends, family and colleagues that helped his creative journey.

Currently Tazito and his partner are preparing to host their annual Movie Expo event virtually in March 2021, as an interactive virtual experience filled with seminars, contests and pitch sessions.

We are also very excited to see his role in the upcoming Jackie Chan film ‘Project Xtraction‘ slated for February 2021 release.

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Title: How to Make it a From No-to Whoa Budget

Pub Date: Dec 14, 2020           
Page Count: 150
ISBN: 979-8581454466       
Available on Amazon

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