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WhatsApp Loves Android Users More Than iOS Users And Here Is Proof Of How That Is So


It seems as if WhatsApp definitely loves Android more than iOS users seeing as how finally after a long few months, WhatsApp has rolled out some crucial updates that iOS users were excluded from till yet.

In their latest update for iOS users, WhatsApp version 2.17.50 has brought about several really important updates that were only available for Android users till now.

In this version along with the usual bug fixes, WhatsApp has also finally introduced the feature of ‘Chat Search’, ‘pin’ feature as well as updated the ‘Status’ feature with creative text-based statuses which user can customize with a font and background colour of their choosing along with attaching links.

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Pin Your Chat

This feature allows one to pin a least 3 chats to their WhatsApp wall (I don’t really think there is a term for it yet).

This is perhaps a really useful feature especially for those who live and breathe with their phones and do a majority of their work through WhatsApp.

The impressive thing about WhatsApp is that it almost works like a portable office, so these days you have your office groups, your team groups, your client chats and so much more.

In all this abundance of chats and groups, it is only likely that you might miss out on important messages and chats which ca, in turn, be quite harmful to you. Missing a client message or an important work notification on one of the many groups can result in disaster for you.

In such cases, this feature allows one to pin the most important chats to the top so that no message from it missed or overlooked.

And for so long, iOS users had not been able to take help of this feature that was otherwise available to the Android users. So more than anything, this feature will be extremely handy to employees in keeping their work clear.

Search Your Chat

If there would be any other feature that is almost as necessary as the ‘pin’ feature, it would be that of ‘chat search’.

Where Android users have again been able to enjoy this feature much earlier, iOS users have finally gotten this update.

android users

Now one can easily search a particular chat for anything that they might be looking for.

This can be helpful not just to employees but even students will benefit from it. These days a lot of teachers create their own WhatsApp groups with their students and share important information such as source links, helpful websites, notice about an upcoming test or a wide variety of other things.

In the midst of the nonsense messages that usually flood these groups, it can be quite easy to miss those crucial messages.

This update will do away with that problem and allow the user to easily search for just the thing they are looking for without having to scroll endlessly and read unimportant messages.

But after taking a look when these updates have been introduced to iOS users, I do have to wonder if WhatsApp might be a bit more biased towards Android users than iOS users.

Imagine the discrimination these poor souls have had to suffer till now. This table sort of gives a glimpse at how WhatsApp might love Android users more than iOS users:

WhatsApp Update

Android Users iOS Users

Streaming Videos and Animated GIF Support

December 2016

June 2017

Pin Chat

May 2017

July 2017

Chat Search June 2015

August 2017


This almost makes me wonder about the craze around iPhones. I am unable to understand the hype around Apple and its products when even for the most basic of updates Apple users have to wait for an eternity.

And god forbid if something happens to your product, then the repair charges might as well require you to go hungry for an entire month since your salary will go towards repairs.

I mean, is this what you are selling your kidney for?

Image Credits: Google Images

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