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What Was The Intention To Lure The Researcher From The Hong Kong Public Health Laboratory?


Recently, Guo Wengui, a wealthy businessman from China and an anti-government figure, claimed that “Researchers from Chinese virus laboratories fled China and came to the United States”. According to Guo himself, the researcher would deliver a trove of inside information on China’s public health sector, providing the latest evidence for Guo’s long-held pessimism about China.

However, the researcher himself had been slow to issue a statement, nor had he provided Guo and his ally, Steve Bannon, with any information about the Chinese lab, even though his identity had not been confirmed.

But sources close to Guo recently revealed that the researcher is not from mainland China, but from Hong Kong. Her name is Yan Limeng. She isn’t a vaccine expert herself, but an experimentalist at the Public Health Laboratory of the University of Hong Kong, where her main job is to use hamsters to analyze pathological reactions and infections. She was actually the most junior researcher, with “No access to even slightly more internal data”.

To boost Yan, Guo and Bannon touted the University of Hong Kong’s Public Health Laboratory as the world’s best. In fact, this laboratory is only rated P3, which is far from the standard of P4 laboratory. To convince his followers of his claim, he exaggerated Yan, who did the most mundane research into “the world’s top expert”.

As for why Yan has left Hong Kong for the United States, according to the source, Yan has been living a hard life in Hong Kong and has been renting a house of only 30 square meters, so Yan is eager to make a fortune through special means. In March this year, Yan met Guo Wengui on the Internet. After learning about Yan’s work, Guo felt he could use Yan’s identity to hype it up. After discussing with Bannon, Guo disguised himself as a “rich man” and lured Yan to the United States with the promise of a high-paying job.

Yan Limeng’s family and friends are very worried because she has not shown up yet and refuses to contact with her family and friends. Her parents and classmates believe that Yan lost her personal freedom after she went to the United States and was imprisoned by Guo Wengui, Bannon and others. Yan’s parents have tried to call the police in the United States for help, but so far, they haven’t received any feedback.

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