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What To Expect When You’re Expecting: Emmys 2016 Edition


The Oscars of the small screen are finally upon us (And no, just because there is free booze doesn’t mean the Golden Globes count)! The Emmys this year seem to be as good as ever; The list of nominees is diverse and well-earned, well largely (Looking at you, Homeland), there is a great host by the name of Jimmy Kimmel (Not quite Harris though) and above all, at a time when stagnation is slowly creeping into Hollywood, television is pushing the envelope with every other episode.

So without further ado, here’s what I think (Corny title aside) is definitely going to happen,

Dragons rule the Emmys

Game of Thrones, as expected, will overhaul Seinfeld’s record of most Emmy Wins ever, and may even beat its own record of most wins in a single year, thanks to a largely satisfying season (As opposed to a lukewarm Season 5).

Best Supporting Actress for Lena Headey is a lock as well. In my opinion, her walk of shame last season was the best acted sequence all year (And yes, I’m talking only of her face). Her arc however, makes much more sense this year and supported by a terrific crescendo in the final episode, Cersei Lannister shall reign as the Queen of the Emmys

Best Drama however, might be an issue. If it weren’t for Mr. Robot’s Golden Globes wins, I’d say this Emmy was going to Westeros. Not so sure now. GoT remains the favorite to win this one though.


The Americans is the best show on TV, no one is watching. A family drama set during the cold war, this show is a masterclass on period detail, music, acting and above all, the writing. The show’s nominations (Yes, there are quite a few) after years of being shut out might mean that the jury is about to throw its love. To be honest, I’d say that no other show deserves to beat Game of Thrones to the crown.


Frank Underwood for President

Okay, I’m in the minority here but in an election year so cynical and silly, why can’t we expect Kevin Spacey to finally win that elusive Emmy? House of Cards isn’t the best of shows but, Spacey and Wright make it engaging and often irresistible. He has been nominated every single year; can this be the year?


Odds are Rami Malek will take this home. But, in a year with the best male acting performance (Matthew Rhys for The Americans) and the long-waiting Spacey, can the kid shine through? He just might.

Jon Snow Knows Something

Best Supporting Actor (Drama) is tricky, in my opinion. Unless, Better Call Saul plays spoilsport, this is fodder for GoT. Who, though? Our favourite dwarf may not win tonight but, I’m betting on Kit Harington to steal it this year. Snow hasn’t always been my favourite character but with Harington finally getting to do something this season, Jon Snow is a White Walker in human flesh. He’s Azor Ahai, after all (Google it, muggles).

No Love for old favourites

Some shows like Homeland and Modern Family deserve some sympathy. Both were once-great, revolutionary shows which are now but, a pale shadow of themselves. While on Modern Family, the wonderfully quirky characters are brought down by lazy and repetitive gags and jokes, Homeland is being sunk by an increasingly unsympathetic protagonist (Who also tried to drown their own child). I don’t see any love for then this year. Next year, maybe *fingers crossed*

Okay, maybe some love

And while on the topic of old shows, it is fortunate that every one of us expects two heavyweight ‘old-timers’ to win. Julia-Louis Dreyfus and Viola Davis (Watch out for Keri Russell though) are best across their categories this year (Although, Veep is far, far superior) and almost nothing will stop them from going onto that stage.

O.J scores a touchdown

I don’t think there is any category tougher than that of the Best Limited Series. American Crime Story, Fargo and The Night Manager were the best shows on television (Or torrent) this year and in a purely critical battle, this would have been a three-way race.

Alas, we all know O.J is going to run away with this one and the acting categories as well. I’m betting Ross, our favourite paleontologist might win won as well.

I won’t go through the nominations in Comedy. I haven’t seen all of them, sadly but, bookies predict a toss-up between Veep (Great show) and Black-ish (No, haven’t seen it). Considering the crazy election season, my money is on the former.

And I hear Aziz Ansari has an outside chance for Best actor. *Fingers Crossed,* loved him in P&C.

That’s my take on what to expect at the Emmys this year. If I’m wrong well, sue me.

Jibin Mathew George
Jibin Mathew George
Politics and International Relations Masters Student at Durham University, Film/TV Geek, Writer, Lannister and LFC Loyalist for life, Part-time wrestler in my head and Full-time Imagineer. *Imperial March Theme*


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