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What To Do After Your Home Is Burgled?


A home burglary is not something anyone likes to think about. Unfortunately, it can happen to anyone and it is important to make sure that you are prepared in the event that your home becomes a target. Here are some of the most important tips to keep in mind and steps you can take to secure your home.

Don’t go inside

If you notice that a door or window appears to have been tampered with, it is best for you to avoid entering your home. The intruder could still be inside. The safest thing you can do is go to one of your neighbor’s properties so that you are not alone, and you can try find a reliable locksmith service to help you right away.

Contact the authorities

As soon as you are safe, you should call the police right away. You should try to keep an eye on your property while you wait. If anyone leaves your property, you might be able to get a good enough look at them. When the police arrive, let them know that you have not entered your home yet and ask them to inspect your property.

Take a look around

As part of your police report, it’s important to let the police know what, if anything, appears to be missing. Take a look around for valuables and make a list of anything that you can see has been stolen or out of place. In some cases, you might not notice that something is missing until several days later. Not to worry, you can amend your list as soon as you notice anything else is missing.

Call your bank

It’s a good idea to get in touch with your bank or banks and let them know about the incident. If you notice that one or more bank cards or checks are missing, you should let them know so that your funds cannot be used by the thief. It’s just as important to let them know if any of your electronic devices have been stolen. Your bank details could be stored on one or more of your devices which is why such thefts pose an additional risk.

Assess the damage and start repairs

As soon as the police have conducted their inspection of your property and gathered any evidence, it is in your best interest to secure your property. This is the time to call a professional locksmith. Not only will they be able to assist you with lock repairs or replacements, but they can also assess your entire property. Ask them to look for any potential entry points that could provide burglars access a second time around. These doors and windows should also be secured to prevent intruders from gaining access.

Upgrade your security

You may want to consider a security upgrade. Talk to your locksmith about upgrading your existing locks. High-security locks will secure your property and help you rest easy. Installing cameras is another great option to consider. Especially if you opt for a system that allows you to monitor your property remotely from your mobile device.

Even if the burglars did not gain entry and they failed in their attempt, it is still important to assess the risks. This is another reason to call your residential locksmith to take a look around your property. They can inspect all the locks and provide you with all the information you need to secure each possible point of entry.

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