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What People Centric And Innovative Solutions Have In Common


The world is changing and so is the shape of supply and demand.

We certainly need more entrepreneurs from around the globe and innovators to solve issues in our new daily environment.

While it may be easier for us to loose sights by consuming too much news, why not take a moment to witness the problem solvers who are driven to better our global economy.

Meet Kota Uekama, founder and director of Kota corporation, an upcoming entrepreneur driven to take the challenge.

And Samantha Plue, president of a creative agency working with clients in the field of branding and marketing.

“The exciting part of my work is most definitely witnessing the moment our client break through. It is a great pleasure to be present at those moments when you can see their facial expression and excitement in their eyes.”

Kota Uekama continues, “I realized from my previous work environment that my boss helped me grow substantially through principles of coaching.  And because the experience was great, I began to explore and learn more about the methods.”

While Kota corporation focuses on uplifting clients from inner state through coaching,

Samantha Plue’s approach is from a different layer, through recognizing client’s brand.

The different dynamic and variables each brings are what the world may be counting on in 2020. As new generation of entrepreneur emerges, the notion of having solution for everybody i.e. no one is left behind certainly brings hope.

According to the interview on Samantha shared, “I would like to create a place where individuals are free to be themselves and give them room to experiment, grow. while delivering great creative work to our clients. We operate based on the idea that everyone has a valid point and that we work to one standard: best imaginable. Fostering that type of encouraging environment allows us grow to deliver the best work to our clients.”

The risk and reward ration

It may be common idea that Entrepreneurship rhymes with hardships, but how do they encourage themselves to push through despite difficulties.

One word, vision and growth.

Kota Uekama

“I am reminded in a daily basis that coaching is a technique that can benefit everyone and it is one of the greatest approach that can help increase human permanence.

My aim is to contribute to as many people as possible, improving their performance through coaching method and ultimately to contribute to the enrichment of people’s lives. We all know the athletes put effort into conditioning and training their mental capacity, similarly an essential element of success for business leaders is to condition their own mentality.

As I continue to learn, it took some effort to improve a weakness of my own which is the skill set of listening. It took me a while to realize that there were many benefits to listening to the other person rather than speaking.”

This comment made by Kota may certainly be what we all need us a global society, the passion of growth and the vision of the future.

Samantha adds,

“I was born a leader but had to learn to build. I’ve always had the desire to create and lead, but it took some time to learn how to put ideas into action.

I quickly learned that no matter how great the idea, the key to success come down to the execution. It’s all about how you take that idea, outline your vision, create a plan and then put it into motion.”

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