India was applauded for its quick thinking and action to tackle the coronavirus. The government restricted overseas travel, enforced lockdown and was extremely efficient in handling the initial few cases.

The Need For SHIELD

We relatively have a lower number of patients than the ‘developed’ countries. But, as we witness a rise in the number, the government is striving hard to control the situation. Areas with more cases have been declared as COVID-19 hotspots and have been sealed.

As cases in Delhi soared pass 1600, the Arvind Kejriwal-led government has adopted a series of stringent measures to contain the spread of the virus.

Operation SHIELD launched by the Delhi government is one such initiative which has been showing results.

No new case of COVID-19 has been reported in Dilshad Garden in the last 10 days due to Operation SHIELD,” CM Arvind Kejriwal said.

We have declared COVID-19 containment zones as red zones and high-risk zones as orange zones. We have identified more containment zones in the national capital,” he added.

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How Does SHIELD Work?

SHIELD stands for Sealing, Home quarantine, Isolation and tracking, Essential supplies, Local Sanitization, and Door-to-Door Health checks. Every hotspot has its group of affiliated officials, who are responsible for fulfilling the needs of the residents. They ensure doorstep delivery of essential services, identify new cases, ensuring people are in quarantine and conduct door-to-door health checkups.

The officials have also created a WhatsApp group with all the residents to address any queries or requests. The residents put in their demands on the groups- of essential supplies or health checkups and the officials ensure that they are fulfilled.

The residents have also been given all the necessary contact numbers from essential service providers to relief centres. In case people are unable to contact the officials, a point has been set where people can personally approach them. Officials are available on the point 24×7.

Has SHIELD Been Successful?

So far, the operation has had promising results in hotspots like Khirchipur and Vasundhara Enclave. There have been no new cases in these hotspots in the last 15 days.

For sanitation drive in these areas, the Delhi Jal Board has given 60 machines which will ensure that the surroundings remain hygienic.

Delhi Government is applying the most effective principles to fight corona with Operation SHIELD. And because of the promising results, we just might see other governments adopting their own SHIELDs against the virus.

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Sources: India Today, The Hindu, The Economic Times

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