Just yesterday, PM Modi announced to all the citizens of India that the original lockdown would be extended till 3rd May 2020. The first phase of the lockdown had been applied from 25th March 2020, where all commercial and non-essential businesses, organisations, offices and institutes were closed for a certain period of time. 

People were asked to sit at their home and not go and roam outside, large gatherings were forbidden and people could only step out in small groups to get their daily essential needs. 

Now, with the extension a reality, it is more of the same but with a few changes. The Ministry of Home Affairs has posted a detailed list of all the regulations and guidelines that will apply to this lockdown 2.0. 

Here are some of them:

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You can read the full document of the guidelines here: MHA

Image Credits: Google Images

Sources: MHA, The Economic Times

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