The lockdown and mandatory work from home for employees has resulted in a very tough financial situation for many people the country. Not just for daily wage labourers but even employees whose company might not be paying them for this time.

Many citizens of the country are worried about how they will be able to see the basic and daily expenses especially with the whole family at home. Groceries, food items, gas, fruits, etc. have all increased in consumption and it is a very real problem for many on how they will ensure that these needs are met. 

In order to help out during this time of crisis, the Rural Development Ministry decided to give Rs. 500 to women account holders of Pradhan Mantri Jan-Dhan Yojana (PMJDY). 

The Ministry said that the amount would be transferred automatically to those accounts with even Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman having had confirmed this on 26th March that women PMJDY account holders would be given Rs. 500 for the next three months as per the PM Garib Kalyan Package.

Doordarshan, an autonomous public service broadcaster founded by the Government of India had been posting video clips of women getting this money and their reaction to it on their official Twitter handle. 

However, it seems that the reaction other netizens gave to this was much different than expected.

Twitter’s Reaction To It

Apparently, a lot of people raised questions on how authentic this was and how ‘needy’ the people who’d gotten the amount really were:

So much so that ‘Rs. 500’ was even trending for a majority of today.

Many people alleged the government of not helping the actually needy and poor people who reportedly had to stand in line for hours to get their money. 

There are many stories of people having been helped by this scheme, however, perhaps some measures need to be taken to show those people instead of ones who are looking well-off otherwise too. 

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Rumours And Other Issues With The Program

Besides this, the funding also had some other problems, one of them being a rumour that if the money was not withdrawn immediately then it would be removed from the account. 

However, the FM did clear up these doubts by stating that no such thing would happen and people can withdraw the money any time. In a tweet she clarified that, “We would like to assure that money deposited under the Jan Dhan accounts are safe. The account holder can withdraw the money from the bank branch or ATM at any time. Don’t believe any rumour about the safety of the money.” 

This rumour had actually led to a panic among people who had taken position outside banks in extremely long queues while trying to withdraw their money. 

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Sources: Free Press Journal, Bloomberg

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