The conflict between Israel and Palestine is only growing by the day. The conflict that started on October 7th with Hamas, a group of Palestinian militants carrying out a surprise attack on Israel from the Gaza Strip has escalated to a much bigger proportion.

Recently, the airstrike on the Gaza hospital resulted in hundreds of people dying and many more injured and was condemned globally. While Israel denied responsibility for it, claiming it was the Palestinian Islamic Jihad (PIJ) group behind it, the PIJ has also denied any involvement.

In the midst of all this, a Kerala-based company has announced that they would be ending their contract to supply uniforms to the Israeli police.

What Did The Company Do?

The company, called Maryan Apparel has come out with a decision to end its standing contract with Israeli Police uniforms. Thomas Olickal, the managing director of the firm based in Kannur of Kerala claimed that “It is a moral decision.”

The company has been supplying the uniform for Israel’s police force since 2015 but due to recent events, especially the strike on Gaza’s hospital had them make such a decision.

In a press release, they stated “We have been making uniforms for the Israel police since 2015. In the light of recent events, bombing of hospital and loss of thousands of innocent lives, we have made a moral decision to not take any further orders to manufacture Israel police uniforms until peace has been restored.”

Olickal further added “We will oblige our previous commitments made to them. We understand innocent lives have been lost on both sides, and hope some sort of peace is restored very soon for the sake of harmony.”

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Olickal also stated “In a year we make up to one lakh shirts for Israeli policemen. We also make shirts and jackets for the Israeli Jail Police. About 30,000 to 50,000 shirts and jackets are sent for the jail police in a year.”

The MD of the company has been quoted saying “I want the ongoing war to end at the earliest and peace to return in the region.”

Olickal, who has around 1,500 employees at his firm did add that “We are open to resuming business with them after peace is restored.”

The firm aside from Israeli police also supplies uniforms for the Philippine Army, Qatar Air Force, Qatar police, British and American security firms along with fire and rescue forces outside India and some schools in the Middle East.

Kerala Industries minister P Rajeev also posted about it on his Facebook page writing “As it has moral objection to the approach of bombing places including hospitals and killing innocent people, until peace is restored in the region, Mariyan Apparels has decided not to accept further orders from Israel. They have issued a media statement regarding the same as well.”

The Hamas attack on 7th October was reported to have killed 1,400 people, with Israel claiming that they ended up killing 1,500 Hamas fighters.

However, as per the Gaza health ministry, the strikes by Israeli forces as retaliation for the Hamas attacks have brought the death toll of Palestinian lives lost to 3,785 while 12,493 have been injured.

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